New seed node online at

in steem •  2 years ago

I've just finished putting a steem seed node online at .
It's already hard at work helping other nodes sync with the steem network :)

You can see live stats at


For this seed I used the official steemd "dockerized p2p node" image referenced on github here .

This seed has 8gb ram, is geolocated in Germany and hosting was provided by @privex .

I've also submitted a pull request to add my node to the default seed list in steemd :

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I also made :
steemviz / steemvids / steemcap / steemleak / more tools / post index

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Witness and post upvoted.


If you have any questions for the Empire, I am currently conducting an AMA.

10% to @jullianassange bait!

Does hosting a seed node give payout or anything?


The seed node itself doesn't earn anything no, but its part of my responsibilities as a witness (which does pay)

Thanks for working hard to help the platform. I am not very tech savvy but I do know that this is important.


Yeh I'm not so sure on the tech side either but I'm learning slowly!

I also made :
steemviz / steemvids / steemcap / steemleak / more tools / post index

Well damn! That's a lot of development.

And great to know that you put up a new seed. The visualization looks stunning btw. Thank you for the work and effort you put it in :)

That Julianassange bait, Lol

You are the Man!

How did you do the reward split ?

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Congratulations @ausbitbank!
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amazing to be a programmer

wow, good one @ausbitbank we need more smart people like you here at steem..steem will surely takeover social media..we all should contribute to its success..thanks for sharing my upvote and resteem.... :)

Thanks for your work moving us forward!

I am not so much in tech stuff but I guess it was important and I am really happy to vote this post

Curious how much of the usage is netdata itself lol, this thing seems intense.
Is it running from an HDD ? seems like it from the IOPS


Yeah its just a VPS with standard mechanical HDD for now, if things keep going how they have been I'll add a second seed with SSD soon enough :)

Good job!

Up voted!!! thank you very much for sharing this!

This is simply amazing! very nice...

What is juilian assange gonna do with money? Hes in prision essentially

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Nice work! Nice post!

You the man bro

I am happy to vote this post, very good work!

Hello @ausbitbank I followed you, so I read all your stuff I like, so I chose it. Unfortunately, my minnow vote is not worthy of you. I have tried to shift my subject to see if I am getting a bit of charm. Hmmm one shows $ 3.50 and one today has reached $ 9 maybe we need to understand our audience here. Look at them as consumers. What are they hungry Maybe, I keep trying new corners.

Encantame ver como medra a Rede steemit no planeta.