HF18 is live! Initial thoughts (+ my first git contribution)

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Just a few initial thoughts on the recent changes

Payouts have been recalculated aren't displaying properly

Edit: Maybe I'm not understanding correctly afterall, because it seems like there is an api issue being fixed to return the correct values.

As part of the hardfork, there is now a single 7 day payout window.

I expect we'll see a whole lot of complaints for a while about payouts - all "potential payouts" on recent posts just got recalculated down to $0 and payouts extended by 7 days.

If I'm understanding correctly, payout amounts should settle back to a "new normal" within about a month.

@abit helped me understand this aspect in his last witness update :

My explanation: there is a content reward pool in the system. Currently, funds in the pool is only enough to pay rewards of a day. So, for example, people who posting during weekends will earn a bit more, because less people are posting. After the hard fork, we'll accumulate more funds in the pool, so it can support rewards of a month. So in the first month or so, people will get less rewards, especially in the first days, much much less than before. After there are enough funds in the pool, the difference of rewards among posts created at different time will be smaller than before.

Comment Depth limit increased to 255!

This is huge to me, I tested it out and now we can see 7 replies deep on the main thread with a link to expand a thread that goes even deeper.

Awesome :D

Other changes that I'm yet to test / witness in action

  • Arbitrary reward splitting
  • Replying and editing older posts
  • Steem power delegation
  • Reward balance "claiming"
  • Removal of the penalty for posting more then 4 times a day

You can find more details in the release notes for v 0.17.0 , v 0.18.0 and v 0.18.1 (and soon v 0.18.2).

It'll be interesting to see how the trending page evolves over the next week!

Side note - I submitted my first pull request to the condensor repo

And it was merged :D

It was a pretty easy edit, just adding a warning about using VOIP services whilst verifying by phone (as requested by @transisto) . You can see the details and initial request in issue 1214.

I'll keep an eye out for quick fixes like this that I can do and leave the real coding to the professionals, but it was still satisfying to be able contribute something .

I've been throwing myself in the deep end learning react.js (and more) for steemvids for the last few weeks - which should also be useful for understanding the steemit codebase so I can contribute something more useful in the future :)

Lets connect !
steemit / twitter / gab.ai / keybase
I also made :
steemviz / steemvids / steemcap / steemleak / promo

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Hmm, I just noticed that the "x minutes ago" on comments is clickable, I wonder what that does. Maybe something to do with edits?

Oh, apparently its a perm link to the comment - wasn't working when I was pressing it in another thread (maybe still updating)


Noooo my precious. I'll have to keep checking steem.cool to make sure I'm still cool :P




I am not cool...



My bad


This will be interesting. Thankfully I was prepared for changes but I wasn't expecting to see a world of 25! Someone didn't get the memo! The answer to everything is 42. LOL


I hadn't even noticed the rep changes yet :o/
Also, google agrees


yes, after 10 million years, it's been determined that the answer to everything is... 42! lol

Not happy my rewards on 2 of my posts went down to 0 ! I think whatever we earned on our posts before the hardfork should have benn deposited into our accounts ,then put down to 0 and restarted from there ! This is BS ! 👎👎👎


Thanks ! I sure hope so ! 😉👍


Trending is still sorted as it was... and responds to votes, so the underlying values and calculations are still all there, just not displaying


Cool thats good to know ! Im going to sleep so hopefully later today it will be fixed ! Thanks !😉👍💤💤

I'm waiting (impatiently) to be able to edit older posts.

I looked this morning at my Table of Contents, which I want to be able to update, but the "Edit" button is not there...

Any help for this? Editing in perpetuity is the major benefit I was looking for from the new HardFork... :O




Me too, I need to crash for the night (~3am) but hopefully we'll have some answers in the morning

It would be nice if we could team up with bitchute to somehow get their videos and content to be something that can be embedded in our posts like youtube videos do. Actually the more content we can embed the better at this point. This would be particularly popular at the moment with Youtube whacking people with the censorship hammer.

Never a dull moment on Steemit....which I love :D

Thanks for the helpful info as usual! Should be some interesting times ahead.

I like how you explained it and linked you to my latest post. Hopefully it will be of use to someone.


Thankyou :)