🚀 From $0 to $100K AUD in 11 months thanks to Steem 🚀

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I try not to post too many rants about price jumps, and milestones I'm passing ..

But this is too much, can't hold these feels.

The combination of watching the community nuke Matt Trainer's top trending post down to $0, and then immediately shower @darthnava with love and money for his upcoming surgery was one of the most amazing things I've witnessed in my time here so far.

Being able to give my own donation, vote and resteem towards helping out a long time supporter in their time of need already felt amazing.

Watching the post go from < $100 to over $7K in rewards whilst over $6k usd in liquid funds poured in at the same time was complete insanity. In an awesome way <3

It made me want to take a step back and appreciate how far my own situation has changed in such a short time thanks to the steem community.

I've been here over 10 months now, with a steady rise in followers and support the whole time - but I kept most of my rewards powered up because I believed steem was undervalued.

Even when we really needed money, digging into our steem savings was a last resort.

I've been completely obsessed since day 1, pouring nearly all my free time into steem in one way or another but was seeing only relatively small rewards in the early days.

Even just at the beginning of this year I'm not too proud to say that we've had to ask charities and churches for help with food and fuel vouchers when things got really tight.

We have a pretty limited support network locally, so it was a huge deal when steem began to regularly save the day when the occasional bigger post reward was able to pay for our kids birthdays & christmas presents, or pay for our car to be fixed, and our internet and electricity bills.

Thanks Steemit you helped us give my disabled daughter an amazing 7th birthday!

It was only 2 months ago that one our car tires busted unexpectedly and that was enough to wipe out our meager savings, and I had to borrow money and power down for the first time.

The community rallied and within about 7 hours I had replaced the tire and repaid the loan thanks to donations and post rewards!

Thanks to your support - loan repaid, powerdown cancelled and tire has been replaced!

Each time these sort of things have been happening its felt like a validation that I'm doing the right thing, and the universe is rewarding and finally things are going to get easier for us.

My followers have been growing steadily

I just kept at it - posting, networking, coding, curating and collaborating on projects until I felt ready to take it to the next level and it was only last month that I began my campaign as a steem witness .

I didn't expect to be at rank 31 already !

And this whole time I've been building my Steem Power stash, and trying to get everyone I know to do the same :

Which makes these next few charts even more satisfying to me :

4hr Steem/BTC chart for Poloniex showing the recent rise for Steem against Bitcoin

View full size image , View Live Chart

Steem priced in USD on Polo since it was first added

View full size image , View Live Chart

Steem Backed Dollars priced in USD on Polo since it was first added

View full size image , View Live Chart

And finally this is where my crypto portfolio sits today - 90% steem, 8% bitcoin and the rest a mix of peerplays, golos, and bitshares approaching 100 thousand Australian Dollars!

The best part ? I still believe Steem is undervalued

I will be holding most of my SP for far higher prices in a few years time - but it's an amazing feeling to finally power down a little so we don't have to stress about our immediate expenses.

Steem has already been the best investment of my time and money that I've ever made, and it still has massive future growth potential from here.

I can finally envision the future possibility of one day owning my own home. Something that's felt like an impossible dream until now, while I'm stuck renting in one of the most expensive countries in the world.

I'll do anything to protect my reputation and stake here after such a long climb - my influence, reach and voting power is priceless to me.

I won't be selling out early on what could be one of the most powerful platforms for free speech and philanthropy the world has ever seen, and I'll continue to do my best to help the platform grow to its full potential.

I don't want to be greedy, either - I have been developing a script to help assist me with regular giveaways in a unique way that I'll give more detail about soon.

I want to use my power in a way that will have the biggest positive effect on the largest amount of people I can, and in ways that will benefit our community in the long term :)

Speaking of long term benefits - I sent my first batch of post rewards off to the Steemfest Travel Reimbursement Fund today :

I still have a full powerdown (~1340 steem) to donate, as well as 70% of my seed announcement post and 50% of the post you're reading now.

Proof of split

I'm simultaneously giving and earning more then I ever have in my life, and I feel like this is just getting started.

Like what I'm up to ? Vote for my witness!

If you think I'm acting as a positive force for the platform, please consider voting for my witness on this page :


Every vote counts! For more information on how and why to vote for my witness see this post .

Lets connect !
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You get my vote for witness. Good job.


That is what makes Steemit so awesome!


Well said cryptofiend


Or Youtube.


You rock like Steemit. I have a little confession to make and forgive me if I hurt your feelings. $0 to $100K AUD is a rant to me, you should have waited one month more to get to $10,000000K AUD before blowing the whistle. I'm dissapointed but still you rock like Steemit!


Ive been part of this community for a short time and feel truly blessed to having found it. Steemit has been lifechanging for many so far and I hope it inspires that change in me as well.

This is really an encouraging post for the new steemers like me. Thanks for writing this inspirational piece.


I tap into your story with hope and faith @ausbitbank


Omg! You've made my day. What an incredible story. It's only been 4 days for me here at Seemit but I can feel that it's going to be very rewarding. The kind of community support and that too from an online thingy is unparralelled. It's all new to me but I can definitely see the potential..I am excited!!!


I've been here for less than a month and can't believe the community here.

That Darthnava post is the greatest thing I have seen on here yet. I know I am kind of a sap but I truly believe steemit can be world-changing. But you don't change the world all at once. You change it one person at a time. Yesterday steemit changed dathnava's world. But it doesn't take $8000 to change everyone's world. Some people can change their world by earning $50 per month on here. I am amazed.


(fist bump)


Inspirational mate. Uplifting to read. You are a genuine and open contributer. Thank you.

Love what you're doing, that you've hustled hard the whole time, and that you're being rewarded for all your work. Keep on chargin'!

You sir Austi are truly a beast man :) I enjoy your being part of this community and that you willing to share these experiences with me. :)

Buen trabajo sigue asi amigo te apoyamos!

Thank you for the great post. This is really motivating me to keep at it. Already almost at 150 followers and just starting out!

Wow that is amazing man ! Way to go hehe :)

Holy crap the feels! What a great community we have here. I am so proud to be a part of this so early on!

Congratulations. I agree with other comments. This is encouraging.
When I first joined, i was taking the time to leave thoughtful comments on people's posts. I only had my introduction. At that time one got $10 of steem. But in 48 hours I had less than $5. I was being flagged for whatever reason. So I focussed on my day job. Still, I watched the Steemfest live feeds and looked to try again. In December and January I started again. I am still a small fellow. My type of posts don't make the most. BUT I am so thankful. I am thankful because I help onboard friends who will be more successful than me someday. I am thankful for all the new things I learn and people I meet. I am thankful for the rewards just for caring. And I appreciate seeing posts like this. Congrats! And be well.

reading up on this story, and seeing how someone like me can become someone like you just really motivates me use this site more!

If you think I'm acting as a positive force for the platform, please consider voting for my witness ...

Good luck! Just recently I voted for you. :)

Thanks for sharing your story, its definitely going to help me and many others. Wishing you and your family the best!

Congrats :). Go steem. I want to do the same with CAD, I think our money is about the same in value at this time.

Brilliant man thanks for giving so much back! And I agree seeing the support for @darthnava has been awesome!

Can I ask how did you get those footer images?


My footer images are thanks to @elyaque

Wow congratulations! Your story is inspiring to all of us Steem believers :) hope i can achieve that sort of success and personal gratification through this platform one day (hopefully sooner than later) steem on! :D

just started steem yesterday...and so far I am having a blast..I have little understanding.. still how to cash money out when ..some is made or how the money exchange works..but this is amazing..my time on Facebook seems to be fading away..and I feel so happy about that...congrads on your growth!

Great post. Positivity is the perfect word to describe this community. Upvoted and followed, keep up the good work.

I love how this platform change lifes, steemit is full of amazing people

You deserve it. Congratulations.

encouraging ! :)

Good to hear that your hard work is really paing off for you and your family. It's inspiring to see how far you have made it. Keep up the good work :)

Hey, just be careful out there mate, dont make yourself a hack target.

As someone who just quit my job a few months ago due to some illness, its wonderful to see steem and my other crypto investments really starting to become a potential safety net.

Steem price will be $10 easily by the end of this year.

Amazing post friend, looking forward to experiencing such greatness here :)


Me too @steemlifestyle. I think we are part of the greatest of futures.

You made me cry...happy tears!

Keep up the good work man

Good Steem karma has made its way back to you already, and you're using your Steem power for good, rather than evil, which is great. You're one of the "good eggs" of the Steemit community. Keep doing what you're doing. It's an inspiration and example to everyone.

It sounds like Steemit has had a massive impact on your life its sometimes good to hear things like that well done mike

Congratulations mate, this is well deserved. Even though I'm a complete Newbie, I can see how much work you put into it this community. I'm glad your effort is paying a dividend.

dude, that's awesome. fantastic story and clear information. props man, thank you for sharing. i hope you'll follow my journey too. following!

Hi there, so much good value in your post. You are an inspiration. You are promoting gratitude, which is good for the soul.
Thanks to @happyhousewife for resteeming it so that Igot a chance to read.

Great work. I used to live in downunder for few years and i love it. It is great to meet some new friends here, right mate?

This is a good story and i hope one day when i get enough followers and steem power, i could be like you, finger cross :)

Man 1SBD is = to 4 of my national currency.
The minimal wages here start at 480BGN which equals around 120 130 SBD.
Steemit is insane if you live in a country that doesn't use Euro or USD as main.

What a synchronicity! I'm working on a post with almost the exact same title. I'll rework it.

I too think Steem is very much undervalued and I share this same feel good feeling!

It's awesome to read this testimony of how your life has changed since Steemit.
I'm so glad to have made your acquaintance here!

Congratulations on this beauty! Great job, well recognized and seemingly quite appreciated! It is definitely the case from this end. Namaste :)

Wow! Amazing story! Im new to steem,and im still trying to figure it all out.


Same here, gave you a little up vote for newbie support :)


To you too ;)


Thanks! <3

I'm new on Steemit and posts like this gives a sort of reflection of Steemit's community. It is motivational and inspirational.


Thank you for sharing your awesome story!

I wish I had entered this amazing community before... I just found out few days ago. I'm going to start my own weight loss journey exclusively here (lost 17kg so far) and I will convert my bitcoins worth of $500 to STEEM soon.

Can't wait, so inpsiring <3

I joined Steemit 2 days ago and I've posted 4 blogs and the kind of appreciation that I recieved from the members here is really outstanding!

I've tried many blogging platforms before like hubpages, quora and even reddit but Steemit is my favourite :)

I feel like I get rewarded for the things that I personally love to do- writing.

So thank you steemit community for providing me such a healthy platform for sharing my work with the world and getting rewarded for it.

I'll be posting every day and I hope to be of service to this wonderful community :)

You can check out my posts here.

We all have to combine our efforts to make steemit the most helpful platform of the world and show facebook who is boss.

This is so amazing.... almost started getting choked up reading this... I love Steemit and I love how people on here come together when it's for the greater good!

wow beautiful post and very inspiring. I have actually seen this make a huge difference in people life. That Papa character donating that money recently actually made me pause.. there are highs and lows to this.. but that was simply a HIGH. Very impressed with the community here.

Very inspiring story. I think that after posts like this one, we see a strong increase in new users :)

so good to read! :)

Well done, and great story. Good to know this platform is working out well for you.

Everyone should understand the key to success here is to stay and keep calm and u will surely win :)

Such an amazing story, this community is incredible for helping you <3

As you know I have gotten flags for some really dumb reasons on here that largely people admit are not for the right reasons, but when you see a practical use case for crypto and community like this, it really puts things into perspective I think.

You have done some great things here man, and this post just adds to and confirms this.

I wish you the best always!!

It's fun as shit doing this with you aus. I'm loving it and I'm so glad to be here with you!

voted for you. you seem like a legit positive force online which no doubt lots of the community is but thank you for your posts. ive only been on for a week or two but you definitely deserve a vote imho

Mad RESPECT (fist bump) @ausbitbank

I remember that flat tire incident, the Steemit Community came to your aid in minutes!!!

Glad to Witness your Milestone and you always have my VOTE!


You have been PROMOTED FREE for using the "thankyou" TAG (hashtag)


Amazing story. I will soon tell mine.

Imagine waking up and realizing that all the time you were working away in your regular 9 to 5 you could have been on Steemit enjoying your time and building an amazing community of human beings.

After a while it becomes unthinkable and the only feeling that remains afterwards is the feeling of thankfulness .

This is amazing! I'm so happy to hear how close-knit & supportive this community has been during others' times of need :) And it's so inspiring too how much you've been able to give back to our community...goes to show that the more you give, the more you get!

Wow too muck buks man Im following you ;)

Very inspiring, especially for a newcomer such as myself. Thank you.

Nice results.

great post @ausbitbank, also retweeted it!


btw, recently started getting the hang of witness voting, got your back there too! :)

also, beautifully put:

I want to use my power in a way that will have the biggest positive effect in the largest amount of people I can, in ways that will benefit our community in the long term :)


alexpmorris Alexander P Morris tweeted @ 07 Jun 2017 - 18:08 UTC

amazing watching community nuke MattTrainer's scammy post, then SHOWERING @darthnava w/love&money for his surgery

steemit.com/steem/@ausbitb… / https://t.co/vE0ZjmCzcQ

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.


Is really nice to hear stories like yours @ausbitbank! It is, for me, one of the Steemit´s goals to provide monetary freedom to the users. And is happening :) Keep the good work!


My brother From another mother you are headed in the right direction keeps up the good work! keep on worken it from the womb to the tomb.

i wish you and your loved ones well. your stories are wonderful. it is good to hear about your progressions. and your amazements. yeah, this place is soooo amazing. the stories, the lives. we are each others teachers. you give me hope. i am living in the back of my ute, is good for now, i tell myself i like it in a way in that i have no distractions, i can concentrate on learning about cryptosphere and steemit. in twelve months time, i would love to show a similar advance as yourself. and advance the cause of peaceful independent village networks growing organic foods and supporting unbreakable community.

What an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing. 💛

Well done! Thank you for encouragement and all the success to you! :)

isn;t it handy to keep some steem or SBD too, instead of having all your earnings locked up in sp ?


It is, whilst SBD is valued >$1.00 I have been moving them straight to exchanges and selling for bitcoin and building a seperate trading stash. If history repeats and SBD becomes undervalued down the track I'll be able to buy up SBD <$1.00 and do my bit to help maintain the usd price peg in the opposite direction :)

It's real hard to justify the risk holding SBD right now when it's being valued at almost double the peg value already.. It would be nice to have immediate access to a larger % of my stash, but I've got enough available liquid now to not lose sleep over it - and the time delay stops me making rash decisions whilst still allowing me to pull 1300+ steem out per week which is way more then we need at these prices :D

Thanks. Being new to Steemit is both exciting and frustrating.



GREAT !! we need more story like that !! Congratulations !!

You will definitely get my vote, I'm new to this community, but it's great to see people taking action like this!

Congratulations and truly deserved! :)

thx for sharing your story it motivates me to stay with you guys
upvoted and following
and another vote for you as a witness :-)

Nice job on this post very inspirational, I'm sure it took a long time!

Awesome man, nice that its working out for you :)

Thats amazing really, seen how supportive this community is, inspire me to continue here and make this grow!

Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are really and inspiration and you deserve all the success you had. Excellent work!

I enjoyed reading this post it's actually involves emotional inspiration. Thanks

That is an awesome story and results. Thanks for sharing it with us and letting us all know about Your progress.

Reddit knows all these but never will do it for users as Steemit has done it for all. Thanks Steemit and congrats dear friend for such a huge achievements from Steemit platform.

Well done!

Great job and I love your tire story. Will definitely share that one with others in the crypto space when I talk up Steemit.

What a wonderful post. So much WIN!

You got my vote for witness.

Great post, really encourging read. i have one question, how do i use pictures in my posts?


Just copy paste the picture itself into the form using control-v to upload it , or you can paste an image link in and it will be automagically converted into an image by the editor :)

Glad you've had the steemit community to help you out in tough times. Loved the post and look forward to seeing more of your content in the future!

Well Mate. Good Bloody Work.
How amazing is this place?! Awesome post. Upvoted and Resteemed <3

Steem is definitely a great platform to help anyone out. Keep up the good work.

lol was gonna @randowhale but noticed the leet cap. ;)

This is what makes this community so special, Steemit is more of a family than a social network that only gives back likes. I wonder if poor kids can get nourishment from that damn FB likes. Good job guys.

Awesome post mate, we too have had an extra hard year...your right when I saw what steem could do helping that person in time of need made me more determinded to get to a possition where we can be part of that.
Its great to hear from real people with real life stories such as your to keep me on track.
I too have promised to dedicate most my time to building the dream along side my steemit brothers and sisters.
Thanks again you are an inspiration

$1,245 dollars in 12 hours WOW
Its like you were getting jst a few hundred buccks per post now with price of stem almost at $3 youre getting like over $1000 per post! this inspires me to go grab moe followers of mine from my 1700 facebook and 2000 instagram followers!
It seems like all the most successful steemit users all joined in July 2016!
Its like one whole year and youre all getting massive payoff!


I had a feeling this would do well so I capped it at $1337 ;)

Glad to see your success on here! Also, glad you're still posting!

Congrats on your success. Like your post! Upvoted!

Wow If I could even do one tenth of this I would be happy. I am still working on my first $10 after easily 40 plus hours of being on here.... I think I am moving to Indian, it pays better.

This is an example of what the steemit community can do. I love it!

Great story. It is inspiring you can come here and succeed if you put effort in it! Many more good things to come!