Breaking News! Steem Community lost many SP from @misterdelegation!

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Hello Steemians!

Bad Times incoming

Sadly I don't have good news for Steemians, becuase these what happened was predictable by me some time ago. It just show what kind of instruments new owner of steemit will try to use to break our thriving community.
Nobody said at the beggining that will be easy, many of us get failure at the start, gets confused somewhere in their journey, but I think we should go this way together and be stronger. This is the only great test for our Community and I hope so that we gonna pass it very well. It's not first time, when we faced bad situation as content creators.
When Dlive disconnected from Steem blockchain I almost lost hope for get paid for making streams, of course we have and 3speak, but they can't give much for streamers work, so I decided to make more video content instead of making live streams. Good that we have good Communites like Steem Gaming & Gems because I can make live streams and get paid for it like on old Dlive.

Today will be really hard day for the dapps, because owner of the @misterdelegation account good known Justin Sun decided to change ammount of delegations. Many of great project lost many of steem power and now their vote is almost worthless, when they will vote for whole Community.

It means that many dapps lose almost completly big stake of steem power.

There is couple of screens, which show how many Steem Community lost funds for support orginal content creators, but not only, becuase steemcleaners, which was created for flaging spammers get out of delegation too.


I don't remember the exactly numbers, but I know that previously @dtube had 2kk SP and now have only 200k SP, @oracle-d 2kk SP and now have 50k SP, @steemcleaners had big delegation and now have only 100 SP, which means that many spammers will start make shity posts, becuase steemcleaners will not have enough SP to flag them all.




Another brillant there is that account @justyy get 500k SP for curating I guess KR community or flagged content creators, just to earn their witnesses vote.

This is really readiculous, that is next move to show support for KR Community, maybe now it's not possible to remove flag system, but taking off delegation from @steemcleaners will really help spammers get back to the buissness.

Now is the time, the real big test for Steem Community to unite once again!
We need still thrive and fight even, if we will be not good paid for our content on Dtube, 3speak and other dapps.

I hope so that many Steemians will sustain that bad move from Justin.
Many content creators now will get less paid, but please don't leave, we need Steemians, because without you this blockchain will be without life and energy.

Tell me Guys below what do you think about that situation.
I appreciate every comments and I will try respond as fast as possible.
Thanks for reading!



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Spam is one of those things which did refrained the growth n quality of the chain and we did had communities fighting against it. Now we are not having that which exposes us to such threat which made us quite vulnerable to such things.

We need to gain certain things which would help counter those shit posts.

Great post buddy !

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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