STEEM and SBD Gets Listed on StellarX !

in steem •  6 months ago

For the past couple of hours I have got some Texts from some friends on Discord about STEEM and SBD getting Listed on the decentralized Exchange StellarX. So I did the natural thing, I went and searched through the Internet for news.


At first I looked in Google for any news, strangely enough, there were only articles from other Steemians covering the same story. My next stop was the Stellar Twitter page but I had no luck there too. I did find some Reddit threads but that didn't prove a lot so I went straight to the source.


I went to their DEX and searched for STEEM and SBD pairings and I found them. Now I also went ahead and checked to see the Volume they were getting for STEEM and SBD.
SBD wasn't doing so well as it had only 20 SBD in orders but STEEM had close to 1000 STEEM in Buy orders.


All in all, this looks like a Nice Platform for STEEM and SBD to be in. I will be opening up and Account and start dabbling with all the features they have to offer.

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So does this make it any promising as regards to the price going up. I'd like to know?

I have few XLM in my wallet. I will look into it too

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I have never holded XLM in my Life so this could be interesting if I decide to Hold XLM.

Imagine this for just trial I could transfer 1 SBD to STellarX and get close to 5 XLM. Doing this on a daily basis would give me 150 XLM within a month. It could be a side Investment especially since there is a direct option for me to do it.

But then again I have to test things out on StellarX as I also have to check the Fee Structure.


According to the coinmarketcap stellar coin ( XLM) is at number 6. So I think it will be wise to hold my coin. What do you think?

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!