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While I am passionate about foreign languages, I have decided to clean up my blog that was a bit cluttered with multiple translations of my posts.

A passion for languages

Some who have already met me already know, I am a fan of foreign languages. I started to learn 8 of them, although I have to admit I do not master them all. For some, I can just talk a little bit, but it allowed me to open doors while travelling abroad and make enriching encounters.

Although English is an international and widespread language, my experience in some countries has shown me that this is not always the case. When it happens, when you make the effort to say a few words, even some sentences, in the language of your interlocutor, it is often very appreciated.

Supporting non-English speaking communities

As you can see, I am a strong advocate of multiculturalism.It is in this perspective, taking into account people from non-English speaking communities who can not read and understand posts written in English, I decided to translate (or have translated) some posts that I publish regularly.

Among them, my daily statistics about the Steem blockchain. These statistics were published of course in English, but also in Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese which are the most used languages on the SteemBlockchain (after English of course)

Unfortunately, none of the Steem frontends can display a post that would be written in several languages. When I say several languages, I obviously exclude the case of bilingual posts which can be easily built on two columns, one for each language. I also exclude placing the different languages one after the other or inserting the paragraphs for each language.

That’s why I published a different post for each language, which resulted in my blog being cluttered with all those posts. Some of my followers started to complain about their feed being “spammed” by all those posts. Others came to me stating they were not more able to find my less regular post like my last witness update or any update about projects I manage without scrolling pages.

Switch to multiples accounts

To lighten my blog a bit (as I have not found another solution), I decided to create new “language dedicated” accounts with which I will publish translations of my posts in languages other than English.

Up to now I created @arcange-cn, @arcange-de, @arcange-es, @arcange-fr, @arcange-kr, @arcange-pt and @arcange-ru (they are not all used yet but I plan to publish in all those languages and may add more). If you speak a language other than English, it's a good idea to follow them!

A a reminder/helper, I will also add links in my posts like this in my posts in English:

Looking for suggestion from website and Steem developers

The solution described above I started to use is not the most effective because it requires me to manage multiple accounts. It generates more work, it spread the information and it can lead to confusion for users (and maybe a bit of schizophrenia to me 😱)

It would probably be useful to have a reflection on how to implement a standard for the management of multi-lingual posts at the blockchain level which would be homogeneously interpreted the same way by all Steem clients.

Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to leave a comment that may serve as a basis for future developments.

Thanks for reading.

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8 languages. 8. Wtf. I cant get my head aroubd that. You are super super intelligent. I admire you loads

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If you had followed my blog, you would have read of a way to put associate a language to each post about 19 months ago.

Basically, there is a meta data part of a post. With that I would put a language key to a vector of standard two-character language codes, for each post may contain more than one language.


While this looks like a good idea at first, I find it messy to mix content and pure meta into the same field.
Moreover, the json_metadata is already cluttered with so many information.
But the idea of having the different languages in a separate field is a good one.

Learning languages often makes you gain a greater culture, that language is the basis of knowledge, it is the only tool to communicate with all the people of the world and to learn new cultures. I think that English is the most important language at present, but you must learn other languages. My friend, @arcange


When it comes to most spoken language in the world, English is only ranked #2

  • Mandarin Chinese (1.1 billion speakers)
  • English (983 million speakers)
  • Hindustani (544 million speakers)
  • Spanish (527 million speakers)
  • Arabic (422 million speakers)
  • Malay (281 million speakers)
  • Russian (267 million speakers)
  • Bengali (261 million speakers)

Most English speaking people think they will have no problem when traveling abroad thanks to English. Try China or Russia, and you will learn the hard way that it's not always so obvious ;)


Yes, I agree with you, but do you know what standards have put English in second place globally, and Chinese is ranked first in the world? Simply because of China's over 1.5 billion people. About one-fifth of the world's population, while English is spoken in more than one country such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In the first place in my opinion. Because the Chinese language, even if you learn it, you will not need it in Europe, Africa, South America and America Shamali, so you need it when you go to China only.


Because the Chinese language, even if you learn it, you will not need it in Europe

I was on a beach in Spain when Chinese girls came to us for "massage? massage?". They were really surprised when I continued the conversation in Chinese (as other tourist around me). And when it came to negotiate the price, it added weight in my favor ;)

So, you never know where you're going to speak which language ;)


Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language but English is the most spoken as a second language and also most spoken online.

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Messing with myself. Thanks @checky ;)

Wonderful idea. Thanks for the heads up!

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Ankaŭ mi tre ŝatas lingvojn. Kutime mi komencas mian blogon per malgranda enkonduko en la angla kaj mia ĉefa kontribuo estas verkita en Esperanto.

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