Some thoughts after a year of no action from the nomad

in #steem4 months ago

A year ago, the whole Hive/Steem drama drove me away from Steem, mainly because I didn't approve of Justin Sun's decisions but also because I decided to step away from the whole disheartening scenarios happening in most of the Steem related dApps. I still don't agree with Justin Sun's behaviour but I came to the conclusion that I won't let him or anyone else screw with the way I engage in social media, whether they are centralized or decentralized.

I am not one to judge at how users behave or to condemn the decisions they make, but I am the master of my own choices, and the same way I decided to stop posting on Steem a year ago - apart from some actifit posts that I didn't know how to disable - I have decided to begin posting here again.

I don't know how often I will post here, and I have no idea how long or short they'll be, but what I do know is that I have no prejudice against people posting here or there, sharing stuff somewhere or elsewhere, and I will no longer judge myself if I post anywhere.

Anyway, I hope there's still a big chunk of worthy community members and valuable users.


I think most users went to HIVE. Most posts are in a different language here now

Yo también lo dejé. Esa disputa con Justin coincidió con un creciente desgano de mi parte para seguir publicando. Así que tampoco seguí publicando en Hive. Solo me mantengo como inversor en ambas plataformas y en algunas tribus de Hive.

Some of us are still here. And there. Because we're content creators, more than politicians...


Oh vaya, volví a STEEM luego del ataque zombie.