Earn a Fascinating Future with LINE Engineer at DEV WEEK 2018

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Earn a Fascinating Future with LINE Engineer at DEV WEEK 2018

DEV WEEK 2018 is over on April 20, with LINE Corporation developers from around the world gathering in Seoul for four days to take on in-depth workshops and listen to presentations on the biggest challenges facing IT future. LINE engineers explore ideas and technologies that will bring LINE to the next level as a smart portal and all-in-one communication platform.

A total of 1,000 developers from 7 countries participated in the event which lasted for four days. CTO Euivin Park emphasizes the importance of engineers from different regions and areas of Information Technology (IT) working together to create industry-leading innovation. The main plans discussed include PaaS offering from the messaging platform and the utilization of Open APIs. Blockchain development to build token economy and more blockchain developers in the international world

Earn a Fascinating Future with LINE Engineer at DEV WEEK 2018

From April 17 to 19, workshops cover about 30 topics. Developers from each field have in-depth discussions on various issues, including difficulties encountered in their work along with feasible solutions, and roadmaps for major projects by 2018. On April 20, each leader from the main LINE section gives presentations and ended with a keynote speech by Chief Technology Officer Euivin Park to all participants.

The main focus of Park presentations is looking at the global expansion of the LINE developers' locations - now in Japan (Kyoto), Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City) and China (Dalian) - and how engineers in all these locations work together to complete projects important. He also notes how LINE, as part of its dedication to building a technological ecosystem, has plans to enable the adjustment of messaging services through offering PaaS (Platform as a Service) in various markets.

With the release of messaging API on DEVELOPER DAYtikus.com/news/19304/line-developer-day-2017/ 2016 in Japan, more than 283,000 LINE chatbots have been made, demonstrating LINE's commitment to expanding the bot ecosystem. Currently LINE plans to provide a greater diversity of message types to create an open API world for users and developers.Image-3-2441b.jpg

Park also explains how LINE works to build a token economy by adopting blockchain technology to LINE features and opening dApps based on incentives information services. However, LINE will also go further, with plans to support in accelerating the development of dApp services beyond the LINE platform and developing its own mainstream blockchain in the near future. To achieve this, LINE is actively managing the developers' locations and accelerating recruitment in other areas and adding unblock and Blockchain Labs in Korea and Japan.

"The incredible ability and determination of LINE developers has played a crucial role in creating LINE's leading services and a trusted reputation.LINE is doing its utmost to build a culture where developers support each other and grow together. DEV WEEK is the foundation for collaborative approach, providing a forum for all our developers around the world and helping to make LINE technology leaders around the world. " says Euivin Park


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