Reason # 51: Why Steem is the best!

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Here we go, on from the milestone #50, and onward. There are a lot fo reasons why Steem is a great place to be, and I am gonna keep on plugging away at this stuff. I gotta keep my reader(s) thinking positively about Steem. So, Let's get into it!

Reaosn # 50


Vacation / retirement Income!

Steem is a pretty crazy thing. If you have a decent amount of steempower, you can pretty much guarantee yourself a daily income. Look at how much steempower it takes to make you $2 a day. $15 a day... $22 a day. $150 a day.... you name it. you can check it out. has a steempower simulator which tells you what your upvote is worth. So, just for fun, let's try it out. No, bear in mind that steem is at a pretty low price right now, and these numbers are subjuect to drastic change when steem is up where it belongs.

With 50,000 steempower, you have an upvote worth $2.28. You also have 10 full upvotes a day. So, in theory, you could guarantee yourself $22.80 a day (less curation of course). Now, this is not my recommendation, I think it is far better to write, vote up what you like and get upvoted accordingly. I do know that typically the people you upvote and vice cersa tend to be in the same economic class, for whatever reason. All my closest steemians are in the same big minnow still far from dolphin sort of position. So, if you all of a sudden found yourself with 50,000 Steempower, you would likely be getting votes from the same ballpark.

You can take a vacation, generate steem whilst on vacation, and pay for you daily expenses off of your steem income. That is an amazing thing to attempt. You could also set a goal to take a certain % of the steem that you earn in a year and take a vacation with that money.

My point is that you can be pretty sure what kind of steem you will be bringing in on a daily basis. That being said, you can also take your laptop with you on vacation and keep on plugging away on steem. If you are really smart, you could take a vacation to a place that accepts steem. You might even be able to sustain yourself off of the steem that you are making daily for quite some time.

Vacations in certain places can be fairly cheap if you are not into lavish things. A decent place to stay and some modest pad thai. That could be $30 a day. So, if you figure out how to make $30 a day on steem... you could not just vacation. You could retire!

This is the basket with my eggs... call me crazy!

There you have it... another reason why steem is the best!

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This is what i am wanting to do travel off my steemit earnings might be a while though.


me too. did you read my article about goal setting and the community in guatemala that accepts steem?


I don't remember that one have you got a link?