Steemit Password & Private Key Mystery - Share Your "How To" Now !!!

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OK, hacks happen! Steemit's is now ancient history... and I recovered my account following instructions. 

5 days ago my hacked Steem was reimbursed, great! 

Certainly a lot of hard work has gone on behind the scenes, much appreciated.

But somehow my password structure still seems all screwed up. Here is what I see on Permissions when logged in:

But when I log out and try to login on "ACTIVE" no matter which password I use (of current and previous, I've kept record of all) I get a wrong password error. 

And that is the only option I have!?!?!

I've clicked on "Change Password" and changed it again but that just leaves me with the new one that gets me logged in the same way with zero other options.

So, am I logged in as "OWNER"? And if so why can't I see my Private Key?

If I can't access my OWNER and ACTIVE Private Keys then do I actually have control of my account? How can I authorize transfers in and out?

I can't seem to find ready answers anywhere, searching on and on Google.

This article presents the problem but no answers have arisen:

This article indicates that I'm not getting full access to my login and key options as I did before the hack:

I've thought of doing "Account Recovery" again, but don't want to make a wrong move as I've already done that to get to this stage.

Can anyone assist myself and others in figuring this out? Clearly I'm not the only one wondering about this.

Is there an easy answer myself and others are somehow overlooking?

Is this something still in progress by the awesome team?

How do I find out?

Many thanks for any useful information!!! All answers much appreciated :)

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Amazing how difficult it is to actually find the information necessary to guarantee proper security on a account!!!!

STEEM, where you can't find any reliable assistance with core site problems!!!!

Have opened a ticked yesterday on but zero response so far.
#steem-help #steemit #steem