Would you buy my account? 1.250 Steem Power

in steem •  2 months ago 

Almost 1.250 Steem Power, Reputation 71
And some Steem Engine coins, like 500 PALs and some sh-coins
90,000 SNAX as well

How much would you offer today?

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Not bad, not bad....

I would rather see you staying here and keep your account!

Yep. Better stay and keep power up 👆

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I would even go short (but yeah I already did, so no proof needed)...
It depends on your investment philosophy:

  • do you trade current aka real value (anyways proportional to the number of active users times a network coefficient)
  • or do you trade potential?/bet on horses (team, devs, community)

I cant bet on horses and unicorns when I only see ponies...
I can estimate a network-/public value which could be @0,18cents/share (declining trend). Yes, I have a pond, but you try to sell me a goldfish with cancer. If it was a trained goldfish I would pay YOU a premium since its vested STEEM in an inflationary environment...but sadly it's not trained and it has lots of diseases, I dk if this potentially cool fish will make it.

OK, Warren Buffet cigar butt style (aka wringing out dying companies) : with pure self voting and a price @21cents this goldfish could still make. me ~360$ or smth till Christmas 2019. This tells us two things: 1) Steems value right now comes from being used as a money-printing machine and 2) that you need to pay me a discount for compensating the risk of collapse.

I still like the platform so 150$(cash) with the option, that if I earn more than 14 cents per self-vote till 24.12, that you would get 10% of future income.

Thank you, and thank all the participants in the discussion.
It's interesting to see what people see in Steem(it)

Blinky won!

da fängt er an zu handeln :D

Leute kaufen Simson Rahmen auf weil dies die einzigen Mopeds in der EU mit 60km/h Zulassung sind, hauptsache Rahmennummer drauf. Kannst ja jeden Motor reinsetzen.

Vielleicht wirds mit Steemit Accounts auch so, dass es irgendwann nur noch welche mit KYC gibt, dann sind anonyme Accounts vielleicht gefragt 🤔

:D klug klug

Regulierungen sind halt wirklich nur zum Geld machen..^^

Simson motorbikes? I haven't heard a single word about them for like 25 years :D

yes, as longs as you have the number on the frame you can drive 60kmh even though its a complete new bike around the frame (they even started to produce the parts again, in the case you want to have an original). People made a business out of this and search in Thailand for old Simsons or Frames to re-import them to Europe.

I mean you can for example search for frames and make a what ever a legal 60kmh e-bike. All other moped-bikes in Europe are only allowed to drive 45kmh (which is dangerous and boring) which 16 year old wouldnt pay to have a 60kmh bike?

Those frames are pure Gold, they are limited and even deflationary.

where are you from? not Europe then, I guess..

ex-Yugoslavia :D

ah well the regulations arent as hard as for example in germany.. ;)

therefore you dont care about how fast certain bikes are allowed to go and therefore you do not need frames with specific frame numbers ;)

I offer you 600 steem.

hm... 13 weeks... it would be about -6% per week. Hm, tempting but I'll wait to see other offers :D

Your loss XD

Very probably as this stupid coin is still falling like a brick

-33% in dollars, during the last 13 weeks

- 68% in BTC

i actually am a bit positive for the first time in a long time now.... At least as long as the @steem-peg wallet keeps growing bigger and bigger as it has been doing for the last few weeks !

What is it?

The wallet of steem engine!

As long as those bastards are powering down like there is no tomorrow, it's hopeless

Are you leaving me?

I'm just wondering how to walk away with style

You should re-consider.

I wonder about how will you exchange money and account key? How will you trust each other?

Smart contracts :D

  ·  last month (edited)

Can you send me a link please, What are you using. How will i know you put there right keys?

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