great work!

Steemjet has been amazing and a blessing to so many of us, Thank you @dimimp for giving us such opportunity. But I have a request to make, I'm currently into importation in a small scale and I'm currently in need of 1.2 million naira which is equivalent to 2,400 steem. This funds is to help me expand the importation. It is also worthy of note that I would have made 3 times that amount in the worst case scenario within the space of 2 months of the goods arrival.
This will be a big breakthrough for me and I would be everly grateful to you if my request is granted.
It is also worthy of Note that some steemjet members around my location will also benefit by been gainfully employed through me.
I have already mapped out a marketting strategy that will make me penetrate the market at ease. I already have an online store that will help me penetrate the online community. This will be a Life changing experience to me if You grant me this request.

Meanwhile I accept my cash out offer to enable me invest.

Thanks a lot for all you've done so far for us, May God Eternally bless you.

Thanks boss .....

Hello boss @dimimp I need your help ....I need some liquid steem ....sir I really need steem kindly help me....


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