Time to go full steem ahead

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Hello Steemians,

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Today is my last day at the office, where I worked last four years as data scientist in cancer research for my PhD.
To be honest, before knowing Steem, I was quite unsure about my next step after my PhD. Like every young ambitious scientist, I was dreaming about doing real science which fascinates me, doing something which could change the world or at least making a better one. Unfortunately, the harsh reality of this world struck me quite hard. Starting with the PhD, I recall how many times I was forced to some meetings / seminars which I have totally no interest at all, instead of focus on doing the work I love to do. Now after the PhD, things probably don't get any better. Even a good friend of mine (aka @complexring the top witness) told me about his postdoc time and it discourages me a lot. So I was haunted with the same question every night when I went to sleep:
"What to do next?"

That is a real torture for me since I was a real fan of Steve Jobs. I used to listen to his talk at Stanford multiple times until I remember by heart almost every of his words, and I really asked myself while looking in the mirror every morning:
"If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?"

What a tragedy, the answer has been NO for over 4 years !

Fortunately, this world sure evolved very fast so things from yesterday won't look like the same today. After involving in Steem, a lot of new opportunities open up for me. So I quit my job and don't even bother to look for the next one.
Quite a risky move if you ask me. But I could be careless for a while, since now I can decide what I want to do and continue to focus on doing what I love. Until now I do manage to contribute a little bit to this awesome community by directly involving/helping with users and witnesses, the biggest is probably by creating Steemion, SteemAccounts and recently SteemInterest.

Follow me for the next update soon.

I want to say thanks to all Steemians who contribute to this great community and I am excited about its future.

It's time to go full steem ahead.

Thanks for reading,

Sincerely yours,


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You are a very smart guy aizensou and a great person to work with. I am sure whatever you decide to do, will work out for the best. Best of luck!!!


Thanks for ur kind words, kushed. It's a pleasure to work with you as well :)

I never said not to apply for postdocs ... just that the general market within academia can be discouraging.


u never said anything explicitly. U just scare me by ur story, mate :D


On the one hand, academia is forming too many PhD with respect to the number of postdoc availabilities, but on the other hand it is also good that such people formed by the academic system can easily go back to the private sector (in addition that not everybody can live a postdoc life due to the hard conditions). It is a plus for the society.

The real problem to me (at least in France) is that the value of the PhD is really underestimated by the private sector.

@aizensou: good luck with the new life!


The private sector is better than academia anyway :P


@justtryme90, PhD in the biotech industry.



Actually, it highly depends how you define your own standards. The private sector may be more suitable for some people and academia better for others. Taking my personal example, I do not see myself working in the private sector at all. I need this personal satisfaction of transmitting something to the younger generations of students. Or at least having the impression I am doing it :p


Private sector or academia, you are ending up by working someone else's work, except you are very exceptional at what you are doing, or superb lucky.
At private sector you might have the financial stability, but it doesn't sound like a happy end for me.
In academia, I have the responsibility to teach a 4 hours course per week for students. Another time waster for me :D


If you have any interest in still chatting science, maybe join the #steemSTEM channel on steemit.chat with us? It's purpose will hopefully become more clear in the coming days.


I tend not to agree about academia, or at least in my field. We are generally working as groups of collaborators aiming towards a common direction. We are not directly working for anyone. Some may of course have directives from their bosses, but this consists only of a fraction of the working time.

Concerning teaching, some people like it, so other not ;)

I was in the very same situation just about a year ago. Working on the final things of my PhD (in communications engineering), I realized that now is the time to consider doing something entirely different. Being part of BitShares and other blockchain ecosystems for years already at that time, I decided for myself to give it a try. It seems to be working out quite ok so far.

In the end, the both of us still have a nice backup plan :)


It's really huge motivation to know that the great Fabian having the same situation ;). I don't know how it will work out in the future, but at least for now I'm feeling like a free man.
Many thanks for your comment, @xeroc.

congratulations, now you can put a lot more of your power and time into steemit!

best of luck with everything you do on your journey

Great to hear ! I wish you luck and this post will help you survive at least 14days without a salary ;) you got my 100% upvote !


Damn don't me back to the harsh reality so fast !!!


;) haha my ideal world is the world, where I can pay everything with SBD !!!

cool aizensou. Steve Jobs would be proud!


don't tell me you're Steve's fan as well. Now I know why do u have an iPhone ? :D

All the best Aizen with the next chapter of your life.

Great speech, Aizen!
Good luck to you :D

As someone who also cut the cord from 'meaningless work' I thank you for your motivating words. Value produced in society is stifled by old paradigms of work, which mainly just facilitate hierarchy reinforcement. The political bullies in most offices are a huge inefficiency...in spite of any success in gaining short term profits.

hello @aizensou............ nice read, i love that bit of looking into the mirror and asking your heart that life question !! To be or not to be..... To Steem or not to Steem ?good questions I think this amazing community can answer in time !! Have faith in your feelings... feel the force.... all shall be revealed. )

Congrats! All the best! :)

Im happy for you @aizensou, we know that great opportunities are coming for everyone of us here in the steemit community and you finally found yours. I wish a good find mine too.

It takes courage to take that big leap. Gratz and upvoted!

Congrats on your decision Aizen, it's the best you could take! Can't want to see what you create next now that you'll be a full time Steemian.

Good Luck, with your already proven determination, any company would be lucky to have you ;). Full Steem ahead in whatever you choose to do ;)

I wish you all the best!

(and will be looking forward to reading future posts of yours!)

You have the charisma to Inspire people.


I don't think so but i will take it as a compliment :P

That inspires us all ;)
Good luck!

Good luck! I wish you the very best and continued success!

Happy steeming. This is a good time, use it well.

since now I can decide what I want to do and continue to focus on doing what I love.

Good for you, man! Good luck out there :)

This post reassures me of the positive impact that I and others in the steemit community are going to make in this world. Granted, I am nowhere near your level of wisdom but assure you that I am working, day in and day out to get there. I love science and numbers also and fully anticipate the steemfest workshops will allow me to excel to the next level.

Making a difference in the world and saving the lives of others is what it's all about. Thanks for the share!

All the best. Looking forward to read more articles from you

Congratz, I hope you will have a lot of fun! :-)

Good post

Good luck Aizen I hope the Steem carries you as far as you want to go.

I've followed to see and voted to support

believe it or not but from your post and another one replying to it I figured how to follow someone, yes I didn't know till now :)

I would recommend working in research at a small company for salary and doing what you love on the free time. Or work part time for a start up if that's not enough time for you. I'm fortunate to be able to spend most of my time drawing, making music, and writing because I have a supportive partner. I just followed you. Hope you'll return the favor. Thanks for the post!

Respect and best wishes. Today I cannt and afraid to do like you... May be a little bit letter
Upvote, believe this will help you...

I look forward to hearing about your plans:)

Go Aizen! I hope that Steem has enough complexity and depth to it to employ your Phd level smarts to your full potential. I wish you every success.

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What a lie, I wonder who would believe?


I'll vouch for him. He's a committed developer and has developed Steemion from scratch.

Congratulations, and good luck! My brother and his girlfriend both got their Ph.D.'s in molecular biology last year, and they're working in academia to pay the bills while they build their own private sector biotech company. They love what they do, and that's the most important thing. You've got to love what you do, otherwise, what's the point of doing it?