Promoting Steem across Legacy Social Media is easy! Just setup an Instagram Account, link it to your Facebook Twitter & Tumblr and start making Steem related posts using #bitcoin #cryptocurrency & #workathome related tags and start getting Free Traffic!

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Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin users on Instagram Facebook Twitter and tumblr are all looking for the next big altcoin to invest in and Steem is exactly what they want they just don't know it yet. WE have to convince users that Steem is worth buying and even staking and that using it to give out Upvotes is quite the Power Trip AND profitable! So if you want to help me promote steem to potentially BILLIONS of users across Instagram Facebook Twitter & tumblr, go signup for Instagram or just sign in using your Facebook account and link your facebook, twitter ad tumblr accounts too, Id suggest using a steem logo for your avatar image to let people know you are serious! EVerytme you leave a comment you'll be plastering that steem logo to one more set of eyeballs! We need you to go make posts on Instagram and make sure to link your FB Twitter and tumblr accounts so when you post to Instagram you can select the simple optiuon to have the Image and text be posted across all of those accounts automatically. Makes for a very easy and fun time promoting steem across legacy social media when they make it this easy! When you make an interesting post showing a screenshot of youyr Steem Blog or Wallet with all the money your making, explaining how Steem gets you paid in SBD and SP which you can convert to Bitcoin, and use the hashtags for bitcoin cryptocurency and workathome so you attract lots of new users and Bitcoin/crypto users who may just need some encouragement to try Steem! We just all need to do our part and when you make these sorts of promo-steem posts make sure to use that promo-steem tag & make posts ABOUT your instagram post to promote steem.... Steemians like seeing that sort of evidence of Steem promotional work done by users on legacy social media. It makes us look good on Twitter for example when we all show up to promote Steem when some exchange holds a poll about Altcoins. We should all be there to help other steemians promote steem on REDDIT! is RIPE for Steem to take over!

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Damn good TACTICS Brethren 🎰

lol man lol.

what a creativity!! lol

Superb way to promot steemit

@ackza Your post has inspired me to write [this] (
I will developing with a seperate post.