Does your dapp/steem project have a subreddit? Get added to the r/steemit subreddit sidebar!

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Hey everyone!

Yesterday someone messaged me asking if we could add their Steem dapp subreddit to the sidebar of r/steemit. We've seen a nice growth over the years and are nearing 8k subscribers on it, although we realize there is not much to do on there as Steemians prefer to spend their time and activity on the blockchain instead we believe it will be a great gateway for newcomers to get introduced to Steem and all it's major outlets. We have a lot of plans to add more things to it and increase activity to generate more buzz on Reddit in general and with this post we want to reach out to all dapps out there, big or small to be added to our sidebar and give you some more visibility.

In case you have a Reddit account and aren't yet subscribed to r/steemit, here is a direct link to the subreddit, make sure to check it out:

Currently we have its own section for post promotion in the daily threads as we don't allow post promotion directly since it will just become a spam fest. Users promoting their posts this way are instead redirected to r/steemitposts thanks to automoderator that's been set up by our awesome mods spending time on the subreddit.

While we're working on future additions to the subreddit we wanted to give everyone a shot at getting their subreddit added to the sidebar. Currently in queue we have r/dtube, r/steemmonsters and r/steemhunt so you don't have to mention those.

I would appreciate a resteem of this post so that we can get all the possible subreddits out there added into one place.

If your dapp does not have a subreddit yet we will also give you the time to create one before we go ahead and add them all at once.

Thanks for reading and we hope you will like the upcoming changes and additions to the Steem subreddit! :)

Let me know if you do subscribe to r/steemit in a comment here and receive a small upvote as thanks!

PS. I realize how ironic my footer is with this post. :P

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I've been subscribed there for a while but didn't see much activity. I think using the subreddit as a gateway for potential new users is a great idea!

I just made a subreddit for Vimm if you guys want to add it that would be awesome!

This is a great idea! I will spend some more time on the subreddit as well.

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I just suscribed to rSteemit. I was a subscriber before, but I left because I prefer steemit for steemit news. I suppose reddit is better to learn about other chains or for steemit to onboard, network and gain exposure.

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I have never been there but will get around to it for sure! I have tweeted the post as well given the active engagement we have started to see there as well!

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I've mostly stopped using reddit since I came to steem... Most dapps have probably done the same, all the community and users we need are here, and if they aren't they will soon be!

Can't we get a reddit-like @tokkenbb forum? that would be a good idea to bring more users to this blockchain...

I wonder if it is possible to clone the subreddit over to @tokenbb and slowly filter people across to the chain. If it is possible, other subreddit communities could immediately leverage it.

I have no idea though.

@cryptoctopus @buildteam ?

could be a cool idea! manually this is already possible :)

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That is great to hear. Would be fantastic for those on Steem who are also modding on Reddit to start bringing communities across and start monetizing their conversations in various ways.

Hmm, not sure what that would require technically or if I'm understanding what exactly you mean. :D

If a subreddit could be imported into @tokenbb as a forum. I will write about it.... Hang on. :D

Great idea. I need to recover my reddit account

Do that. :)

#teamreddit 🙈🙈. Will spread the word about it :-)

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That would be amazing. Though I have a reddit account, I have not been a good user of the account. Steem collaboration with other related social platform would be a booster to #steem. Thanks for this @Acidyo


Thanks for this reminder. I hope more Dapps will take notice. Your footer is amazingly funny...

Haha thanks, credits to @overkillcoin for creating it. ^^

As always you share and spread great ideas @acidyo and this adds a lot of value to the platform and the people who follow you.

I can attest how much the steemit community on reddit (r /steemit) always tries to help as much as it can and knows about any issue or question you have. I even add that everyone can join and subscribe there, without having a project to promote as there are insights and sharing of information that can benefit everyone.

I just wanted to add that you definitely have to update the posts footer now :) Will it be this time that reddit logo survives to tell the story in the end?

Ini pemberitaan yang amat sangat bagus bagi saya,,terimakasih atas info nya kawan.

Thank you for your new knowledge, I don't know about adding subscriber before

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@drugwars ?

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Great to see this improvement I will certainly join the steem it subreddit . This is a good news for steem

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Our subreddit for InformationWar is


Maybe i will even consider owing a account reddit

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