A Community, a Marketplace and The New Social Media

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Steem and its DApps are in my opinion a great step forward into the future of social media, blogging, vlogging and monetizing almost "every move" one can make thanks to blockchain technology. Steemit has been considered a community by various users ever since I can remember and similar to some religions has had its wars as well between users with totally different visions.

On the other hand it is a market place as well, where bloggers like me and like you, put to the table posts on all sort of topics, and curators like you and like me, read and share their upvotes, more or less generous. Sometimes though people seem to mix, in my opinion, these two facets of Steem and that's where flag wars and frustrations are born.

On one hand you have content creators and bid bots that are oriented only towards earning Steem through their work/services and these are the marketers in my opinion and on the other hand you have people that are community oriented and they perceive Steem in a totally different manner. They see Steem as a big family, they want to make friendships and they...want upvotes as well. There are some other categories to be talked about but it's too much to write for me and to much to read for you.

About the community guys I wanted to write today because they are the ones that got things twisted mostly. In my mind community resonates to a group of people that live together(not always), work together or separate but for a mutual cause, have similar life goals and share everything their success with another. And definitely...they don't get frustrated about getting more or less than the other because we can't talk about differentiated benefits in a community. That's how I see it ideally.

In here though I see very often "Steem community members" that are frustrated about not getting "enough rewards", about their work not being recognized and so on. Situations in which I think of only one thing: there's no guarantee on Steem. Nobody ever promised us a fixed income for daily posts or a minimum of rewards per post. I remember from the confirmation mail that I got from Steemit and it said clear that people share content on Steem and they might get rewarded by other users who appreciate their content through upvotes.

They might... but there's no guarantee. That's where frustrations rise most often among steemians. They expect a must instead of a might and in the crypto world there's no room for musts. In here the price might go up or down and you might profit from investing in cryptocurrencies or not. Thus you/I might get upvoted for creating content on the Steem blockchain or not. Might... not must.

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Thanks for attention and have a great day!

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