Sad and bad situations around @dStors and @dCommerce.

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Sad and bad situations around @dStors and @dCommerce.
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2019.01.01. 09:50, by @accountSale


Bad situations are happening among old partners of @dStors and @dCommerce.

What will be the end ?

More informations can be found around


Views from the both sides can be seen from the post and the comments around it.

It is interesting that most delegations were from kr .


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The matter is simple. Kali Ju stole the keys to the @dstors account along with the funds I put into it.

He had given me the Master Keys so I can change to new keys and feel comfortable about putting in my personal funds.

During a disagreement, Kali Ju recovered the account using his old Master Key without my consent and thus stole the account back along with my funds. He has not returned the funds but instead, the dStors team uses SP and liquid Steem stolen from me for their advantages.

It basic terms, it is theft.

Hey @haejin, I won't go into all the politics - but as we learned throughout history - people are usually bastards and easily trick and treat people. Why didn't you just delegate to the dstors instead?

Sad to see this happened with a promising project.

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