Spent too long already thinking about a title so this will have to do

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Hello there!

I woke up this morning and checked Steemworld, as I often do, and wondered if there was an issue with the auto-voting services. Usually sleep-time, which has been a bit erratic of late, allows a recharge of a couple of percent voting power but today and after a scroll through the last 8 hours of history, it turns out the voters are working fine...

Yes it's slightly hypocritical of me to say so, as this is my first entry in a couple of days, but the content needs to keep on coming. Now I'm not advocating 3/4/5 mini piles of pooh each day just to prove stake as some are, but something of note, even just a 'hello I'm still here and this is what i got up to today', will do for me.

Short-form content has 'gradually' crept in over the past year or so, I'm ok with that for the most part, even though I struggle a bit with producing it myself. @curie no longer have an unwritten 500 word/4000 char minimum 'rule' (they never had this rule but the curators have loosened word count as criteria), there are less viewers, many tend to skim articles search for the key piece of information/interest, apps like Actifit (with the daily step count reports) are becoming more common, and of course the value of our token has dropped a lot from highs - why bother making an effort, right?

For the future. It's tough right now to have 100% confidence in Steem and Crypto in general, but if there is any hope it's probably best to dig those heels in and keep going. Yes SMT are delayed (again), and the market has looked like a bloodbath for months, but it's not over yet.

Personal pressure

What's my excuse then? It's not you, it's me.

My past two posts have (somehow) been scored #1 by @steem-ua. I'm aware that many don't hold too much weight towards this, and most likely everyone reading this isn't aware of those back-to-back top scores, but for me they mean a lot. Why? because you can't get a high score unless you have engagement - and that comes down to you guys. Thank you.

What the scores do though is add pressure; pressure I put on myself.

For some reason I feel I have to go one better and seek out the next killer blockchain entry (the other's weren't this at all). I spend hours thinking about what I could produce, write notes that end up being deleted, go out and take photos (that also rarely make it to chain), and end up with nothing. Imagine if I only had 2/3 hours a day to Steem, and not the 17 I have right now.

( This post has almost been deleted 3 times already, and some may wonder if that would have been the best option but I'm fighting the urge :) )

So what is this text here for? I guess it's a personal g-up as much as anything else. It could also be serving as a fair warning that 2000 word, 2 days of work, analysis posts may be few and far between and that 4 photos and 4 paragraphs may appear a little more often in my feed for the time being - just not multiple times each day, but if that is your approach, good for you, ya punks :P

It's probably a week that I would have activated the 'stake lock' feature, if it existed. This would serve much healthier (less space, less pollution) than posting multiple weak efforts across multiple alts. to prove stake held, wouldn't it? By the way Taraz, a minimum SP for feature use makes sense - otherwise we could end up with very little content, and I don't think that would be beneficial right now.

Anyway, without this in place, you have this text, and so I should probably end on a super positive note, knowing that some will be reading the final paragraph only, or the biggest text :P #skimmed

Thank you for sticking around and visiting my blog, you rock!!!

Sooo yeah, shorter content without watchful whales/orcas slapping votes around like in the good old days is ok. Folks will remove votes / not vote if this becomes too frequent, or the quality/effort is too low for their liking I guess, or maybe not. I should worry about this less, I know.

Today I promised myself 10 minutes with my feet in the ocean. I've had this fucking laptop on my knees non-stop for weeks and urgently need to earth myself before I microwave my knackers off.


Speak to you later, and have yourselves a lovely day.


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Hey Asher. I hope your balls are better for the paddle and didnt get too fried! 😂

Your post has just given me a jolt that was much needed. I had stopped posting because life went mad. Then I started using actifit as a way to stay sane and get some exercise. I love it. BUT... i need to get back to writing other engaging content too.

So thank you for the gentle prod in the ribs- and I look forward to your next 4 pics 4 para post, I love the way you write- so genuinely looking forward to hearing what youve been up to.

Evie x


What a lovely comment :D

I'm glad the post helped encourage you a little, as is often the case it didn't quite turn out as planned but I've had a couple of nice messages so that will do me :)

I'm really not confident with non-technical writing and certainly lack finesse with words, but that leaves a raw, honest feel I guess. Thank you!

p.s. My knackers have lived to see another day! :D :D

Hmm if I get curie upvote, it usually is the suuuperlong post. But I've also noticed that this unwritten rule you're talking about is deffo not in play anymore. What's more important are almost professional pictures really :D Get 4 or 5 of them in there with a medium long text and u have high chances of being selected. Not sure if it's good or bad.

On the other side, I see curie upvoting a lot of artists who put tens of hours into their creation soo that''s kinda cool they're not required to write additional texts to get some appreciation in form of curie vote.

Hah congratz on placing 1st two times :) You indeed are a king of engagement in that case :D Worth of running an engagement league hah :D

And the short content you're talking about. I dont even think it's cuz of low steem price etc. Simple fact is that people don't read posts here whole. THey scan for the information, read paragraph here andthere...and that's it. Where's demand there's offer. There's no demand for looong posts. Yours was literally on the edge ofwhat I'm willing to read if the post topic isn't talking about one of my hobies directly.


Yeah it was never a rule (I've already been contacted and been rapped for making out it was!), but I think you are spot on about short-form being more inline with many people's attention spans these days.

I see curie upvoting a lot of artists who put tens of hours into their creation soo that''s kinda cool they're not required to write additional texts to get some appreciation in form of curie vote.

Absolutely, when there is art/music involved there is less requirement for text.

I've never been a waffler, and would prefer to be typed at/spoken to directly much of the time. Many words are fluff - cue the attack of the writers and a bunch of unfollows for that comment :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and respond :)


Hahah man, im either overworked or retarded but I don't understand this sentence at all :DD

I've never been a waffler, and would prefer to be typed at/spoken to directly much of the time. Many words are fluff - cue the attack of the writers and a bunch of unfollows for that comment

Oh and happy to read & comment. Gotta work my way up the rankings :D


Sort of proves that i'm no writer!

Give me the info in bullet points over a long drawn-out explanation. Better? :)

Oh dear @abh12345. @slobbershops was saying something similar a couple of days ago - he's finding it hard to find stuff to upvote.

I have a load of snail photos (of the arty rather than the gastropod kind) that I took a while ago to make into a wednesdaywalk post but the thought fills me with such ennui I might need to go and lie down.

However, the unused upvotes, allbethem small, is a little enticing. But will it be enough.

Time will tell. I have to sort out the Avios/Air Miles debacle first. Yawn, yawn.

Nice photograph by the way but nosy curious minds want to know . . . who took it?


There is content out there for sure and some of my VP goes towards trailing c-cubed because IMO, they are finding the best of it right now.

I have a load of snail photos ... I took a while ago to make into a wednesdaywalk post but the thought fills me with such ennui I might need to go and lie down.

haha, sorry, I'm laughing. If you feel this way, probably best not to post then :)

Taken by the ex, it's a year or so old.

Hi m8. Titles are overrated anyway 😉

It's a strange thing, but I've found that it doesn't matter how much long considered content I put out in the creative writing fields at the moment, the engagement is small and fleeting. I'm not complaining, more concerned if I'm honest. The reason being, when whole tags are being ignored, what does this say about steem as a whole?

I started making vlogs last week and they got loads of engagement... fantastic some might say, just start making vlogs. But, to be honest, this is not a healthy thing for any content creator to have to do. In a healthy ecosystem someone wouldn't have to ditch creating what they're good at for something they're mediocre at best.

I'm not sure what any of this has to do with your post lol. I guess it feeds into what you're saying about needing to provide value with substantial posts. I feel like the writing posts I've made do provide that, yet the video content provides a lesser level of craft. But they are commented and voted on more.

I suppose what I'm saying is, while I'm not going anywhere, my confidence in steem has also taken a beating recently. But it's all about choice right? Just gotta make a choice to continue... or not. Or, maybe, learn a new skill of video making lol

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Right. I think many have joined with an idea of what they want to present, and ended up taking a different route. Clearly spending hours on something you enjoy only to receive little engagement is a bit of a let-down, but perhaps mixing this in with video content will slowly drive engagement on your favoured content.

I don't think now is the time to be too critical on the lack of eyes on your work and respect that you've opened out to a new niche to seek more engagement.

Confidence is low, STEEM is low, but it is 100% your choice on what to do next. Rack up a butt-load of cheap STEEM creating video content, become a chunky Orca and bring the masses to your texts with big comment up-votes? :D


I'll be completely honest. I've been pondering in my mind very seriously what to do in regards to my future on steem. And your comment, along with many other factors have helped build some clarity.

spending hours on something you enjoy only to receive little engagement is a bit of a let-down

It goes beyond that. In regards to the creative writing, I am devaluing something which I could be selling elsewhere for a much better return on my time and higher readership. Simple economics. I came to realize this over the last few weeks with this freelance writing work I've been doing. It has been well received and reasonable pay also. I'm not being negative, it's just the truth.

Rack up a butt-load of cheap STEEM creating video content, become a chunky Orca and bring the masses to your texts with big comment up-votes? :D

Ha ha, and here's where your words have helped Asher. Realities are realities. You're right. I'm going to be starting writing a novel soon and had already said I might vlog about the creative process.

Evolving is the way forward I think. + Becoming a vlogging dolphin/orca 😉

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Could you produce extracts of the freelance writing here? Or maybe some of the stuff that didn't quite make it to the other press?

Up to you though, if the vids are working here, and the writing elsewhere then it seems pretty clear on what to be doing :)

Well finding things to post could be a real hassle somedays.
That why I try to have some fixed days.
Monday is the day of my steem progress report and in Tuesday I do have the portfolio update to write about.
Than we do have steemmonsters which could be used to fill one or two posts.
The sbc league brts are also a blessing!
Actifit also helps if I do have a day of more than 10k steps.
This kind of schedule helps when you are not commited full time to steem!

Back to back number 1 on steem-ua is just astonishing! My highest rank was around 38!
Guess the engagement league always will do weel in the steem-ua algorithm!

You get what you deserve Asher!
Already decided what and where your next job will be?



Yeah I agree, the scheduled posts are a life saver for days lacking inspiration. The League post is one, and as you say, is a given for reasonable engagement/UA. That's down to you guys though :)

Thanks for the words of encouragement, I do need those from time to time.

No further forward as yet with job offers, when something happens I'll be sure to update.

Have a good one!

Always appreciate candor @abh12345 and this post demonstrates that. So, your state of mind ...

"For the future. It's tough right now to have 100% confidence in Steem and Crypto in general, but if there is any hope it's probably best to dig those heels in and keep going. Yes SMT are delayed (again), and the market has looked like a bloodbath for months, but it's not over yet."

... understood and still supporting your efforts!

On your comment here, a lot of us "listen" to others. Would appreciate your comments and perspective on this proposed offer of "help" from BlockTrades to Steemit Inc. I don't know the history "in here," but would appear to be a lot riding on how this "plays out" ...


Thanks Rob

I've always tried to be open and honest, sometimes that brings positive vibes and sometimes not.

With regards to the help offer from BT to Steemit inc:

Considering Steemit inc started in BT's basement and he holds a mined stake of millions, you could say that
he's here for the platform and wants the best for it. For what it's worth, I'm in favor of witnesses (particularly this one with the above in mind) offering to lessen the workload, even if it may cost to do so.

I hope this goes ahead and Steemit inc can focus on SMT.

Thanks for stopping by today :)


Home after "another day in paradise" ... And catching up a bit.

Thanks for your perspective @abh12345. But ...

"...and he holds a mined stake of millions ..."

Not sure who "he" is. Dan? If so, I don't their history, but vaguely think I've seen reference to him and Ned breaking up their original partnership. If so ... How is this going to "play out?"

Anyway, you say you are in favor, so you must know the two of them well enough to think it is the best long-term interests of our Steem blockchain.

Thank you!

I’m still here, still alive but I can’t seem to find the time to write even one post these days. Life just seems to get in the way all the time! Even those short ones with a couple photographs and paragraphs are tough for me to find time to write. I do try to read those on my feed...now and then.


Glad you are still around! Good to see you here ✌ are you getting any steem monster battles in these days?


Do it @beeyou, do it! :D

The festive period could help, or not. Thanks for stopping by :)

Best title ever.


Well in that case, my work here is done! Hit me with that #1 steem-ua! :P

wao, enjoy that beautiful beach ... I would like to be right now on a beach like that, hahaha.
If you need to add more people to your list of autovotes, you can include me hahaha ... I publish every day ... the last two days I published something very fast, as you say in this publication but it is because I have my two sick girls and I've been to the doctor and I could hardly post ... but you can check the previous days to see if you like my posts ... 😉

Have a great day ... I'm sure you'll have it because with a start on that beautiful beach ... you'll all go great!


If you need to add more people to your list of auto-votes, you can include me

haha :) Can't fault you for trying, I will have to do some research first though.

Sorry to hear about family sickness, I hope that things improve soon.

Thank you, and thanks for dropping by :)


Sorry to hear about family sickness, I hope that things improve soon.

Amen, thank God they are better today.

haha :) Can't fault you for trying, I will have to do some research first though.

haha the worst diligence is the one that is not done, so at least I tried, hahaha ... you can investigate ... preferably in my publications of 3 days or more because as I told you in the last two days, I published something very simple. :) Thank´s

If someone did skim the last paragraph and even sentence of this post they would be highly concerned about the state of your knackers! 😂😂. Are you massaging them in the photo while you dip your feet?

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hahaha, I could be? Lil bit of pocket billiards perhaps?

No idea, probably not (in public). Can't be good for them/me though, having this laptop on my knee for hours each day.

I bet the water is pretty chilly today, I shall go find out..

By the way the title should have microwave and knackers in it 😂😂😂

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Next time.

'Another day, microwaving my knackers for y'all'

I also look at my steem-ua rankings as a challenge for myself. I try my best but the grind has been tough but I do find I improve by leaps and bounds rather than slowly... I imagine that something there is weighted more than another but I do not intend to game it as I feel that when ot does improve I also see improvement on my posts so that correlation is good enough for me to continue my pursuit of growing. Regarding post size, I am not that sensitive to the size of the posts as long as it is relevant. In fact, I have found some linked only posts from d-like interesting news related links to read. The importance is engagement at the end...

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Right, glad to hear someone else keeping tabs on where they are. My ranking is static at 111, evening following two #1's. It's not that I wish to move up, just that for some reason it adds pressure on me to try and gain that amount of engagement each time. It's silly really, I need to relax about it, or else I'll get to the point where I'm afraid to contribute!


I've been getting some good UA ranks, whatever that means. It's cool to have the support of projects like this, but I need the human interaction. That can be lacking sometimes. This is why I comment so much on posts by others.


Good stuff, and well deserved. Your continual high placing in the EL, particularly for a dolphin, is testament to the level of engagement you provide.

Have a good afternoon Steve.


I've just been for a run, so that will be another post later.

Honestly the majority of the time I only skim articles, this is what 42 hours of office time does to you, it sucks you attention span for other stuff in the end. I was totally busted by buddy @scipio this week about it 'but Karin, did you actually READ the article... uhhh not really?? as in...not at all I guess??

And because of that same reason also the quality of own posts drops to a non curie-worthy level, especially when inspiration is lacking. Nothing wrong with being honest right? :D

Ow dude, enjoy those feet in the sea to ground yourself....that is the first thing you will miss of island life


Nothing wrong with being honest at all, I only skimmed this comment :P

...enjoy those feet in the sea to ground yourself....that is the first thing you will miss of island life

Yep. Just heading out now. Fingers crossed for a City-beach :D

I did a short content post yesterday. I took me all of 10 minutes to write. My usual stuff is generally min 400 words so I do get you, 'why make something longer?'

I do feel I cheated a little, the post did OK so far as rewards are concerned, but its not something I normally do.

To be honest Im a little out of ideas, it happens to us all.


Consistency for one, I know it's appreciated by some. But sometimes all I have a ideas or 'hey, this is interesting', but with the auto-votes I have I feel the pressure to offer more than a quick update.

I knew I wouldn't be the only one :)

I actually had the minimum mentioned in my post yesterday.

Btw, i wanted to ask you about the UA ranks. Is it possible to collect data and get averages abd perhaps a global ranking. It would tell a lot.

@scipio @holger80?


Yes I saw, no idea what the base should be but do think it makes sense to have a certain amount invested.

I know UA has gone open source, but am not sure if it's possible to access the global, ever changing list...


the comments have a form to them so I was wondering the numbers are extractable to be calculated. Would be interesting to see a list of the top ranked 50 by posts, not just UA score.

For example, the last 10 days of mine are:

8, 1, 5, 7, 5, 7, 6, 3, 5, 6

This would also be relative to the number of posts in that round and who else is posting in that round. It is quite a complicated process but could essentially be used to see who on average is highly engaging consistently which in turn could be used for different purposes like advertising or, alternative trending algorithms. Looking at those numbers above, I do okay :D


This would also be relative to the number of posts in that round and who else is posting in that round.

Yeah this is the tricky part I guess, your score relating to those with a higher rank being affected by them posting or not during each round.

Ok? I don't see a double digit in sight :)

The title is a winner! I frequently wind up putting something like that on posts when I stare at the empty field too long. As for the rest of the post, I got to the part where you said something about skimming and my attention span when kaput. (Ask @lyndsaybowes about me and my skimming lol!) I'll be back after I have some sleep to read it the rest of the way through.


Don't feel the pressure to do so, I'm just happy with a chuckle on the title :D

Como veo en tu bio que estás en Mallorca, me atrevo a comentarte en español, solo para decirte que disfrutes al máximo esos 10 min (espero que sean más) en esa orilla, aunque el agua deber estar bastante fría XD para mi que me baño en las aguas del Caribe.

Vive ese momento con intensidad, vale mucho la pena; ah! y gracias por tu visita.


Muchas gracias @lizfermandezg!

Si, que frio!

Lo siento, mi espanol es muy malo. Gracias por tu visita tambien :)

Great title 👍🏻 😬 I read the rest, too, but I’m too tired to engage at the moment... 😴

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haha thanks :D

So bad at titles, usually best not to plan and throw anything up there at the end. Engagement is tiring for sure. When are you heading to Thailand? I'm looking for Work - BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Oh I’ve been here for over 2 weeks already. Mostly tired and jetlagged and sick so far 😷😵🙄 and annoyed about it all 😄. And looking for work/clients, too :) We’re all in the same bearish boat.

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That doesn't sound good!

Have you got Delhi belly? And yeah, back to work for the man for me I think - rubbish!


I only know Bali Belly, but yeah, that. I think I'm just not drinking enough water. I'm doing my best, but I'm not really catching up :) Today has been OK so far. Fingers crossed :)

Hi Asher! Great post! Glad you didn't delete it 👍
I keep procrastinating posts too! Time to get back in gear with them. I just keep talking myself out of them! Take a few pics here and there. Let's see if this pep talk helps! Haha

Congrats on your 1st place steem-ua score! And, for taking time to earth! #opsavetheknockers but really! Enjoy that sun, sand and sea for me would yeah? We are saving knackers from the cold and dark here these days! We are staying warm n cozy under blankets, with pots of soup and cozy cuddling! Whether real or imagined .... who's judging?! Steem on 😊


Thank you Jill!

It almost went to the trash a couple of times, but in the end when you read back and check the comments - it's not so bad and I'm glad I didn't.

My UA score for this post #278 - The pressure is off haha :D

Stay warm and Steem on!


Thanks Asher 💚🧡💛

Your post is encouraging me to do an update post too. So, thanks for that! Why is creating a title so hard? I have to laugh, i actually came back to your post to see if i could gain inspiration from your post title! 😂 ....this should be interesting!!

I read it all!! I am king!! Fear me!!


Thank you fearless beer warrior! Read it all and then went to find something better to do, like beer shopping!


That is a better thing to do, in fact it's my favourite shopping!

From this kind of post.. I think I can guess who will be on top ten but didn't take the prize again 😂😂 I seldom read something I don't like.. but when I started reading, I'll read everything till the ads or footnote 😅...

Well, at least you have a right photo in your post and not losing your sarcasm anyway 😂😂 I have a daily 5 more daily quests to complete 😉 don't upvote my comment becausr dusty need some rest 😆 thank you @abh12345, for keep steeming 😜


Scacasm intact for sure, I'd have nothing without it :D

Who says I wont be upvoting your comment past dust levels, I always try not to leave dusty any work :D

Good luck in your quests!


😂😂 you're so good on sarcasm so I think you should try more openmic comedy.. well, you know "if it is not important at least it is entertaining 😆"

Hard to complete the quest when everyone surrender before the battle starts😭
Thanks for your upvote 😊

I read the whole thing, not only that but all 47 comments, 47 is a cool number. Sometime you can learn a lot in the comments of a good post, like 'new words'. It was a pretty cool new word and so nonchalantly thrown out at us by @subornalata. It was nice, now if I can only remember it.

Content does seem a bit thin lately, could be steem monsters, could be steemit and @ned, could be the holiday season, could be's a lot of things, but still some to find and read. Maybe the long reads will pick back up again, after all less stuff over all more attention to what is written in post and comments.


Cheers :)

Yeah the comments are usually where the gold is found. A new aspect to a post within a conversation.

I've been curating more recently, there is stuff, just not from who I follow - work to do here I guess :)


And it all really depends on what you like. I enjoy the stories, and the pictures, some art, but on Sundays and Mondays, I never have a hard time finding things to vote on. Wednesdays are also usually not to hard, I do like some of the walking picture stories people post to @tattoodjay's #wednesdaywalk tag, but with winter, holidays and life a few less than last month. I like those "here is what I am seeing and looking at post". Of course I like the what is steemit and @ned doing now post also. Some killer playgound comments.

:P I read all of the paragraphs, but then I realized I could have just as easily only read the last one. Thanks for letting me know I can save time on your next post :')

Yes, the content has to keep coming, I took 5 days off to ponder on all the big news this past week, but I'm back again - making sure your autovote has something to do at least a few days a week :D

If I were you I would visit the beach once a day! Do a sunset picture at least once a week :D


haha :)

Next time I'm going to add something in the middle that you wont want to miss!

5 days, a long time in the Steem ecosystem - glad your pondering brought you back :)

Sunset or sunrise, maybe both, along with re-posts across 5 alts? :P


Yes please, MILK THE SYSTEM baby! That's a great way to use your unused VP :P
(I'm waiting for that special * something in the middle that you wont want to miss!* now! No pressure, but I'm expecting something really good :D)

Im glad you DID make it to the beach.😁 Drop the laptop and do it more often. Dont take it for granted my friend. Im over a thousand miles from an ocean. Id love to be where i could simply go to the ocean. And as far as steemit, I'm dug in. I try to post daily to every other day. But truthfully, steem monsters eats a lot of my time now. 😃 I hope your weeks going well and all is good for you.


Thanks John, yeah it was refreshing down at the water, I should make it part of my daily routine.

Steemmonsters is also taking up a lot of my time, good luck to you!

Nice thinking near the sea like insociance.


I learned a new word today.... :)

Hi @abh12345!

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Your rank has not changed in the last three days.

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Evaluation of your UA score:
  • You've built up a nice network.
  • The readers appreciate your great work!
  • Try to work on user engagement: the more people that interact with you via the comments, the higher your UA score!

Feel free to join our @steem-ua Discord server

hey man, i'm still powering/loading up... who should i delegate too now? I'm currently delegating too @rewards-pool , @partiko , @silvergoldbotty
@ssg-community , @steemonboarding , @thealliance, and @fundition



Thank you so much for your delegation!

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@abh12345, In my opinion this title was Predestined hahaha. And really congratulations for your post rankings and in my opinion you are right, our efforts and engagements brings the results and you are doing that so keep up.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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You can get to number 1 with no engagement - taskmaster has ranked at 1 even though he doesn't bother to acknowledge anyone's comments on his posts.

I dropped a query about this into the UA discord channel which was completely ignored, ironically.

Nice upvote though. Even if it needs a bit of work!

Just heard you on the MSP waves UK Steem meetup chat. Loved your thoughts and ideas!

Let us know what you think of our work? It would also be great to connect somehow, Discord?



Howdy sir Asher! Thank you for being so honest. I think everyone is having doubts at least some of the time but the people who are sticking it out are a tough, core group that I really respect. Thanks for everything you do to help others grow!

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