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RE: Steem is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or is it?

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We need a better distribution which is already happening to some extent.

How can we measure this? I'm not convinced it is true.


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Yes, those are the reports I am unsure about :)

E.g. The other day, a top witness created 500 new accounts (bot1,bot2,bot3..). They have enough stake to make them all minnows. This would look great on taskmasters reports but in reality, this isn't distribution of stake at all.

Exactly! I am seeing many users just powering down and abandoning their accounts, even people who appeared to be doing well - just stopped. Those who have left some juice in the game may be back but those who have emptied their wallets... doubt it.

You would hope that those who powered down early last year will be looking to pick up some STEEM for much less than they sold, but I don't see much of that happening yet.

I'm struggling for post ideas at present but have no plans to stop as I do think there will be another run up in prices across the board at some point.

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