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This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user jolly-fish has donated 4,900.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction a65a30244de9fbbf528d7da84ad40dcb782fdc4b on 12/07/2022 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user jolly-fish has received from coin-doubler.

112/08/2022172.722 STEEMd40b286fb1d4204899b0b0e3c229e76e34f353ca
212/09/2022179.151 STEEM48b19245e9d7588fa5710764bfa4ae648c0ce27c
312/10/2022161.949 STEEMbc793ea5ae41775c233263720dd42658d19b0cd9
412/11/2022166.833 STEEM87113c7f691fc6d7bfc2b87d49f578e732779b3e
512/12/2022175.255 STEEMcf85fd93a9932a72fb186bfe419a222ec552f827
612/13/2022194.728 STEEM0232b4889cb31c17e99a9685f357f07cfd16e079
712/14/2022167.607 STEEM5c7fa97d2dda1db6b3db946920723126702ce4f1
812/15/2022166.559 STEEM73b82caeea59b5267a282899fe3ed13e1eed4668
912/16/2022161.064 STEEMeb38a50e793c55b1acac99f9eef9a54797ba7946
1012/17/2022184.812 STEEMccba0246b07af2c4ff2ad72302c414d591de0a32
1112/18/2022160.932 STEEM3840e8a8d586d80d89365006fcf4d1eff5028c91
1212/19/2022164.381 STEEM15e3191eb1d074a59f1a63798059fca821a1fbf3
1312/20/2022193.255 STEEM29dba1345197ed6cbd47cb5719551a6704347204
1412/21/2022187.162 STEEM9aae8464441f4bf7ba2855830cd203eea46a9621
1512/22/2022164.660 STEEM8ccb560f666240b6bcb9afe0ebfe87e9e39c1b87
1612/23/2022183.315 STEEM3500adf212798575c6b034cb88b8adf5e192219f
1712/24/2022179.695 STEEM85920bad12214769943ca34cad31c5aa10fa09c1
1812/25/2022159.701 STEEM4466650a221e78fa81028c8d08bf33f012b3c86b
1912/26/2022173.867 STEEM49b03b846a9b43eea907f097ccffcf8c7197fd7f
2012/27/2022157.667 STEEM31b1855f5131e856ef98371726d67fc04104739a
2112/28/2022183.092 STEEMdce3e5ce9afac58bd011848b8990afd6f31ea321
2212/29/2022192.965 STEEM637cc5287e9ff000f150780e6647086d487fa881
2312/30/2022152.797 STEEM851a360bb1f528a6a584de155fff831305796b3f
2412/31/2022162.751 STEEM59545814a254c8c84a8570185cd5fecf521f7d33
2501/01/2023187.981 STEEMc613f7282ce3013bb9eb9f37e4ec0fa9c0e09b41
2601/02/2023188.329 STEEM47bede462c8b0f3b77b4fc3d274dd4b65472e385
2701/03/2023177.101 STEEM35be7e634678727203a48b15049c6ada00f483d5
2801/04/2023192.064 STEEM07429a3d1a0edb45d28a926b11be57e7ca17c796
2901/05/2023189.414 STEEMcfdaec971c426e3dbeb46d0cb2a8053c3380f264
3001/06/2023177.069 STEEM089cd63e6d805568fc4091389be3527a242891c9
3101/07/2023184.178 STEEMa567f386d132f1e4fb247aabb4fe63de25c3548f
3201/08/2023161.532 STEEM27c0ec580ec0a41bb3332cb7cbfdb077236ff008
3301/09/2023160.288 STEEM12eb34279802183ee733f63e25dd54f7478e6254
3401/10/2023175.788 STEEM34420253447eea00b783639c3c820fdd918d8cd3
3501/11/2023191.803 STEEM586625039e0ca0d853ea870bf88aca1149943a86
3601/12/2023162.836 STEEMa76a30f8772ecb0ac9c19f872082df43c44ed3c6
3701/13/2023163.908 STEEMbb59af37417dda09b456d7a03120845fd430900a
3801/14/2023157.975 STEEM98b7b610a95bf174bb07816ac550df28e0bd280d
3901/15/2023180.678 STEEMd59b45331a9c10b49ab920f92a7d58ce0dbc5a22
4001/16/2023189.628 STEEM779e442dff0dfb2367869a9bff803585c975e459
4101/17/2023154.376 STEEM6d9ead93197c47af1053df0448a9a6692ab3e91a
4201/18/2023195.154 STEEMa0fafa879d9144ebac66c73711c68802423621a6
4301/19/2023149.641 STEEM68a276e9ea3f1557291e2ba414ffb2c16dd489ea
4401/20/2023161.864 STEEM9d3ea16c5b52339052e706b1f97c7f8d2a18586b
4501/21/2023189.103 STEEM12b47ef402fc8bc1fca369fa86f1fdaa874f5c27
4601/22/2023180.621 STEEM2bfb12d8d1af8106d8af69d956567317967349f0
4701/23/2023148.642 STEEMe355adc5c27ab9ea99d018da3c318082f2aa41cf
4801/24/2023173.387 STEEM566fe125e762e74e4448b84a61d736fad050fa55
4901/25/2023157.312 STEEM331b76d8e0d4076873cb3fe632624fe4f56e8afb
5001/26/2023175.755 STEEMc3e4c0078b5e0facd362d8c9bc31b3fa48e7c089
5101/27/2023183.333 STEEM6e0c42746f53976fc89c307d95cb5c95dc109999
5201/28/2023195.390 STEEM6f4b7fa1e9cac8b6eb0bcab7854bbaff491b3819
5301/29/2023165.174 STEEMbcd376f2e6c2364243a55e079ed88c70732f065d
5401/30/2023160.086 STEEM6f2a6803f01b43fe9799d6599b6a492e0463ee6e
5501/31/2023161.034 STEEMd0c952b85fad07f91051109cc9dba4b34b61be85
5602/01/2023159.522 STEEMa2d6f176c213e2c768ea3bd4815f3a8012a4005c
5702/02/2023102.114 STEEM49dd84a74c4dc75c12d75885c95bf89fd7ced2bb

Total: 9,800.000 STEEM


The user jolly-fish has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 57 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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