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There is an issue of Virus and Data Security for PC users, the info gets theft and attacked by viruses & hackers. We've proposed the thought of a job called EXCALIBUR OPERATING-SYSTEM, which will resolve the problem of Viruses and Info Theft by its exclusive approach to data security program, and also it solves second essential problem of System users where the users are now able to experience different platforms request on EXCALIBUR, this means EXCALIBUR OPERATING-SYSTEM will reinforce application data files from significant OS. An OPERATING-SYSTEM Created for PC’s & Laptops, that will resolve the problem of Viruses and Info Theft by its one of a kind approach to data security program, and also it solves crucial second problem of System users where the users are now able to experience several platforms request on EXCALIBUR OS, this means application data files from main OS Like “Android, Home windows, Mac, iOS & Linux” will be reinforced by Excalibur OPERATING-SYSTEM.


Significantly less waiting, fewer clicks, much less hassle linking to devices, less vitality consumed and less total complexity. And with not as much of everything you don’t need, your personal computer running EXCALIBUR OS can help you do even more by producing everyday responsibilities simpler and less difficult. EXCALIBUR OS is tidy and uncluttered, with a streamlined user interface that sets the tasks you wish to accomplish right close at hand. You have significantly more control over where you can put the issues you use frequently. Managing multiple displays is simpler. And we’ve increased search so that you can get the information you prefer quickly We’ve managed to get much easier to run and perform the application form files from distinct OS consequently all applications will come to be operating at the same place. Browsing the web is easier because of improvements in EXCALIBUR WEB BROWSER. Users kept on requesting improvements in the essential fundamentals like overall performance, responsiveness, safety, stability, and compatibility. We engineered EXCALIBUR OS to get started on up, turn off, and resume from sleep quickly and that means you don’t need to wait for as long to receive stuff done. We’ve heightened the computer security compared to that level hence no Virus could affect the operating of the operating system. And you’ll have increased control over what your children can carry out on the PC. Better still, you’ll find effective methods to safeguard your data-all while getting more methods to personalize your personal computer and make it you are private. EXCALIBUR OS offers you more methods to access your computer data and job productively from any site including so that it is simpler to hook up to wireless systems. And we’ve added the latest methods to interact with your personal computer through its strong AI. In the business, the function of the Laptop or computer is evolving only as quickly since it is in the house. With EXCALIBUR OS, IT experts have more methods to help their persons get more done-extra securely and from extra locations-while nonetheless maintaining control over progressively complex computing environments. Nowadays mine the coins from your computer or mobile conveniently. Because EXCALIBUR OS includes Mining Management program. It will also become launching as a Standalone iPhone app for all kind of units for Mac, Android & House windows.

Why persons use EXCALIBUR OS on this competitive market?

“ Relating to partner, the marketplace of laptop or computer users found in 2018 is definitely above 3.5 billion and increased up to 4.5 billion in 2021. In this enormous market of IT sector, the key problem is hardware price an OS end user spend a large amount of hardware to use a different kind of OS at the same period and over 50 billion allocated to antiviruses in 2017 even though antivirus couldn't secure program fully. So we create a groundbreaking OS that overcame these riddles and concerns to get the speculative industry of IT industry.”

Features of EXCALIBUR :

• Very multi-threaded within an environment that resembles an activity
• I / O products are fully asynchronous
• Thread-based scheduling
• Integrated control of kernel info structures, kernel references, deal with texts, namespaces, synchronization things, source filling, sharing across processes
• Centralized ACL-based reliability reference monitor
• The configuration shop is usually separated from the document system

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