Question of the Week @sndbox : #steem-vent [What makes a good hashtag]

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I have noticed many users have enthusiastically made so many fantastic contribution , towards the @tagteam weekly question series. The quality and the standard that @sndbox have set is pretty hard to get into the competition. With each day @sndbox community keep raising their bar .

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When I started follow @sndbox recently, first thing I came across was Question of the week [What makes a good hashtag] by #tagteam. There is also a task to invent a new hashtag for steem. Hard to belive and taking up the challenge, I thought of giving a try. And with this thought and checking with all the available #hashtags, i zeroed on

What is Vent??

an opening in the wall of a room or machine which allows air to come in, and smoke, steam or smells to go out.

#steem-vent is place to make people inhale freshness and rejuvinate life.

The analysis behind @steem-vent??

In todays busy competitive lifestyle, humans were hardly getting any time for themselves. Kind of workholic machine who keeps running 24*7. Be a Men or Women everyone is running to get their and family needs fulfilled. Neither they have time for themselves nor for family. Ultimately, they get fed up of lifestyle and get frustrated which ends with Anger , Anxiety, Depression , Suicide , or Rudeness.


They busy lifestyle have taken the peace of mind, and on analysing few things, I reached to a conclusion in race of survival they do not take out time for themselves to share the feelings, to share the love, share the problem. The introduction of so many social platform have made life merrier as it cut off many personal touch from relatives and friend.

Life is not easy and I believe, anyone can get frustrated of many reason, may be work related, relationship related..may be falling steem prices related. It could be of any thing.

There are few ways where human can take out frustration, anger in life:

  • Cry : The first thing that automatically happens to human. Rolling out tears whole heartidelly

  • Indulge into Art : if you are an Artist , get yourself occupied with your Art. It will make you feel Relax.

  • Share / Talk: Share all your issues problems with your best pal, or with you loved one. It relive you a lot.

  • Write: The best way either write out passion , write about your issue.

I personally have experince about the last point. I remember once, while at work few month ago, i got so much pissed due to some arrogant behaviour all because of some bootlickers. My heart beat was got high and started to feel unwell. Then somehow i logged in into Steemit and take out all frustration via a post and i felt relaxed.

Considering the all ups and down in Life. And to help out with human frustration by sharing and writing. I would love to hear all your frustration and problem through #steem-vent hastag on Steem blockchain. It also give you a chance to take out all frustration by writing it down from heart.

What contain in @steem-vent??

It is an open hashtag to take out all you frustration that make your life tough
Feel free to write anything that keep you frustration level high.
Any length, the post of any length
Make sure the more detailed, the more you feel relax.

Rewards / Incentive

Frankly, I can assure you that writing and sharing all your frustration and anger gives you 200 % peace of mind.
I do not have much SP to incentivise but still make sure to upvote with my 100 % voting power.

#steem-vent will be use to all such frustration post that make people sick. Just write down anything that make you frustrated

@sndbox trying my best to live upto the challenge standard. Still everyone have their improvement areas.

Stay Calm....

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

Namaste from @steemflow


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