Be yourself at all times ( only your shadow was created to walk next to you for all the days of your life).

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In the walk of life, dn't worry of people moving ahead of you, take your own time but once you are ready to run, make sure you are the best of all.

It's weird that even when people are making positive movemoents, people still want to shit on their parade; as long as you are happy and proud of yourself, forget what everyone else says. If worry is a total waste of time. It doesn't change anything. All it does is steal your joy and keep you very busy doing nothing.

When people say they can't see anything good in you, hug them and say "life is difficult for the blind".

I never knew happiness until I realized that life is not a competition. Some will go ahead of me; others will come after me, I will overtake some, and where am supposed to be. After all, "only my shadow was created to walk next to me for all the days of my life".

So have a nice time always........@cisse56

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Beautiful wisdom. Something all could learn from.
Its hard to see the butterfly when you are a Cocoon.
Hard to imagine a tall tree from a seed.
But we are seeds and until we are planted we know not what we are.

Life is filled with adversities.
For me the greatest lesson I learned is when the Lord spoke to me and said

"You will not lose if you keep fighting, to have the spoils of war you must fight"

It is strange this world we live in, that the Predators always seem to win.
The truth is that those who gain wisdom and apply it can overcome every predator.

It is not fun living in this eat or be eaten world. It is a war raging without cease. If more good would fight evil could never prevail.

The only consolation we have, is that we will not be here for ever.


Thank you very much, I really appreciated your comments

Ofcourse this is a good word of advise


Good reflection.
Please, when you use base images of other authors, cite the source of the unedited version.

OK noted. Thsnks

A good one
A reminder of "coming and going out of the world", alone

Life is not a competition. Acceptance of how things are, gives good happiness

Thanks for the post

Thank you too for your comments