Why I'm Delegating To @steem-ua

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New projects hit Steemit on a regular basis, some have good intentions, but no real plan to follow through. Some have questionable intentions and a plan. Then there are others that have a plan that changes every few weeks, leaving many of their believers in the cold wondering what happened.

Steem-ua seems different to me. It's been since I first learned of and joined The Minnow Support Project when it launched, that I have been this intrigued by a project.

The reason is the radicalized way of computing your rep or UA Score.

From Their FAQ on their Discord

How are UA scores computed?
All UA scores are computed daily by first updating the Follower Matrix; we do that by continuously tracking every "follow operation" (= an account following or unfollowing another account) using @holger80's own Beem API for the Steem blockchain. With every new block produced (every 3 seconds), so is the UA Follower Matrix. And all those "follow operations" (~ 150 million currently) for all accounts on the Steem blockchain form a gigantic data cluster of ~ 1.2 trillion EigenValues. We then look at Trusted Accounts to initiate our sub-algorithm "WitnessRank" with: each day, we check all witnesses for being -a- active and -b- up to date, and -c- their Witness Stake; we use that Witness Stake to propagate "Trust" from each witness to the accounts it follows, and who they follow, and who they follow, etc. etc. etc. And after heavy-heavy HEAVY number crunching, as a result, the UA score for each account comes out.

You can check the current UA Top 100 Rank and your own current UA Score & Rank on our website https://steem-ua.com/ (for your own UA Score & Rank, please log-in via SteemConnect)!

This is fascinating to me, and is in my opinion, a real way to build engagement on the platform.

Engagement has been sorely lacking on my part and even though I fully realize the importance of participation, I am guilty of not responding to replies, or even leaving some on posts I enjoyed.

As a Witness, this is pretty much a big no-no in my eyes, yet I continue to slack.

I see this delegation as a re-commitment to the platform and spending the time needed to engage with people.

I'll up this as I can, and I can help-you help-me help-you, by reading about my witness a bit later.


I'm still trying to figure out how Communities are calculated in the score. I have yet to officially ask, so if anyone knows, it would be appreciated information.

For example: My wife @isaria and I host several Curation based radio shows at MSP, where we have a group of wonderful people that come listen to us bicker and laugh at and with us. but since it isn't 100% our community, is that somehow calculated? Or is it all based on on-chain groups?

Oh, and if anyone is wondering, according to their tool, my UA score is

Help My Witness!

I've been running a witness node for well over 1 year, yet I don't push it nearly enough.

  • @isaria is my partner for the witness and what we do is a TON of curation through the generosity of your witness vote and other outstanding members of Steem.
  • @isaria heads the msp-curation, msp-music, and her account to make sure that artistic and creative posts are recognized and we feature them on our weekly msp-waves shows.
  • We both help judge and reward different @steemmonsters contests, and we donate 25 Steem per week to the openmic contest as well as host ANOTHER msp-waves show, with our good friend @krystle, highlighting the most recent top-5 picks from the open-mic judges.
  • We've both have been fortunate enough to find success on Steemit by trying our best to help users where we can, and I do hope that we can earn your vote.
  • Your vote helps us by providing more ways for us to give back to the community as a whole!


Thanks for reading, guys.

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What does that UA score actually mean though? Like, compared to others I know, where does that rank you? And what benefits does steemua offer people for delegation? I've been hearing about it a lot


That 264, from my understanding, is from all of the block-chain accounts. Having a witness seems to heavily weight it, as my score is higher than some people that I deem having more authority than me.

Based on your delegation level, and UA score, you may receive a vote from the account. I'm sure like many things, there will be people that only delegate for the vote. But from reading in the Discord, they seem to be working on keeping this to a minimum.

yeah,​ i think that "Rank" should be calculated differently, not just how many rewards you have curated. you could totally moon on one post and be a 58 in the first day! I believe your Score or Rank should be based on activity and interaction and comments and commitment. That should be the score next to our names, not how much Steem we have curated to our accounts.


The math and calculations are questionable when it comes to the built-in rep to be sure. You can easily be wiped out by a large account with a large rep with one flag.


yeah,​ that's true but to get an honest red flag you gotta be a certain type of A*S ya know?

Hey mate, im so happy you re in too... im a small one but i invest into it too...

A lot of small amount helps to grow to a giant, so i go with you!!

I find this to be a great project by @steem-ua. It was very interesting checking my ranking the other day. You got my witness vote today, @swelker101.

Hi @swelker101!

Your post was upvoted by @steem-ua, new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation!
Your UA account score is currently 6.064 which ranks you at #263 across all Steem accounts.
Your rank has improved 1 places in the last three days (old rank 264).

In our last Algorithmic Curation Round, consisting of 325 contributions, your post is ranked at #47.

Evaluation of your UA score:
  • You've built up a nice network.
  • The readers appreciate your great work!
  • You have already shown user engagement, try to improve it further.

Feel free to join our @steem-ua Discord server