Powered Up 💪 & Delegated ✋ : @steem- ua 👌

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Finally, I did it. With growing craze for @steem-ua on Steemit and number of delegation increasing day by day. I too further INCREASED my delegation on the dream project.


Though I have not invested on Steem yet but with my accumulated wallet , I had few spare SBD. As bockchain have stoped SBD printing, I took it a chance to buy Steem through Internal market and then powered up as per my comfortability to delegate on the project.

By the time, I am writing this post, @steem-ua have already recived 625 delegation and that too within 2 weeks of its launch. Making it one of the most loved project.


The most sought out USP of this project is making the delegation very favourable , which start from as low as 25 SP. So even a new user having so much SP and if intetrsted can delegate to the project. Secondly the effort put it by @scipio and @holgar80 to bring clarity on user Reputation through an Algorithm based calculation. Thirdly, the additional upvote by @steem-ua as per user ranking.

Many user as high as @cryptoctopus @stellabelle @neoxian and many more have shown interest on the project and have delegated enourmously for its success.

Heyyy.....The counts goes upto 632 as I am closing.

You can imagine the craze that going around @steem-ua

For delegation link and further details check on the intro post or hop into discord server.

Stay Calm....

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

**Vote for Witness** I have given mine. Do you?? @firepower , @enginewitty, @therealwolf @patrice @reggaemuffin @c0ff33a @thekitchenfairy @drakos @roelandp @good-karma @yabapmatt are in my list.

Namaste from @steemflow


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I delegated 50SP thanks to Tarazkp. Looking to grow my SP and increase it


That is the best way to go...👍

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Power Ninja! 😃


Hahaha...nai ji agar hota sab sath me hote..i m just small player

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