The quest for the Holy Grail, the Higher UA-Score

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I've been noticing some people doing some unfollows left and right lately. It's not that I think someone is obligated to keep a follow commitment or anything of the sort, as I know there is no such thing. However, this is one of those symptoms of scarcity mindset, and that is the only way I can think of it.

Thought Experiment - Fictitious Story to Illustrate my point later

So I started this business with a friend, it was going well, and then, all of the sudden, it went to crap. I still don't know what happened. Let me see if I can explain it to you, and you can tell me your opinion.

We both love cooking right? so we decided we would do a small catering company. Nothing big, nothing out of this world. But, since my thing is pastries, and his thing is main dishes, we thought we could complement each other perfectly and we did. There we were, building our customer list week after week. It took a long time for me for us to build the company to something that actually was profitable, that was making us some money.

I finally moved to a new house, finally, after a lot of sacrifice I saved enough for a downpayment. This house is great, but anyways. My friend came over for the house warming little party we did, everything was going well, and then he looks at the tree in my backyard. He says to me, man, that's a avocado tree, look at all those avos, that's amazing. I turn up, look at the tree and sure enough, it was packed, it must have had hundreds of them.

Now out the blue my friend asks me if he can take some home, that he wanted to make a meal for his wife and he could use some. So, I told him, sure no problem, that I would put it in the books on monday, account for them. Like I had turned into a monster, he looked at me, all angry, and said he didn't want them anymore.

Two weeks later, he tells me he is leaving the company and he wants me to buy him out. I don't know what happened, I'm so confused.

After that mental tooling

I think you would be able to see where I'm going with this strange write up. In my opinion those who are calculating their ua-scores like that, thinking of how to squeeze a few more pennies from @steem-ua are being extremely silly, and possibly hurting their social networks in ways they can't fathom.

I even had a direct message were someone "warned" me he was going to unfollow me, to not take it personal, he is just doing so to improve his score. What am I to think? - Oh wow, this person values me a lot? Of course not, not at all. My mind goes to, look at this, he thought it was worth it for a few pennies. Good to know, good to know indeed.


Don't be myopic, don't be ridiculous. This is supposed to be about us creating a strong community, finding the value on each other, not trying to figure out how to beat the BOSS at the last level. And honestly, if that is where you mind is at right now, I'll be mean for a second and say this....

Yeah, this is probably not for you...

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Once again, you word the problem perfectly @meno, if this is indeed what's been going on. So, if I understand correctly, people are actually trying to game the UA algo to up their score? And they're doing so by unfollowing people who negatively affect said score? That's just horrible in the way you describe perfectly with that little thought-experiment.

Truly, that's what I admire most in this post: the little narrative allows understanding to come in a natural way. Let's hope these algo-gamers somehow get the moral of the story... :-)


I guess it could have been easily predicted...

(comment from original UA post)


Yep, you're right h@itstime. But then again: technology, algorithms, they will never be a safeguard against the behavior of humans ;-)

Very well illustrated, keep your god damn avocados!

Meano Meno hahaha
I don't even understand how unfollowing you would help that person's're awesome!


i doubt it will... they are just silly... hahhahha

One shouldn't expect people to value them if he doesn't give something back. Sure you may squeze out a penny or two right now, but why even do that if it's at the cost of cutting yourself from future potential growth?


i believe so... like the guy from the story. but, hey.. he kept his avocados.

El interés personal es lo que tiene a la plataforma y al mundo así.
No piensan en el beneficio que le puede resultar a otra persona, un voto, seguirlo o un simple comentario de aliento.


a mi criterio es una mentalidad muy pobre..



Interesting and I love the presentation as well! :)

The moral of the story...

Just give your partner some avocados once in a while. Or something...

No, I get it.


its all about the avos, that's the name of the game.


Weird thing, that now says eleven. I was like what? It said avocados, and I go to change it... It still says avocodo, but I my screen it says, eleven

Hi meno. Shortsightedness is not great. users should be looking at getting the right follows than trying to discard one or two unfollows. We are literally talking cents so not a big deal unless you count the pennies.

oh ffs im not gonna base my life off numbers. i woke up to some guy crying chicken little saying steem prices were falling (no duh), why should i base my existence around some score other people say might define my future? it didn't work with grades or SATs or credit scores. steem ua is how many weeks in and people are gonna change the platform over this? the only people unfollowing me are people who want me to notice im being unfollowed, shysters who want me to buy their resteem or upbot, and you know what, go right ahead and take me off your list. what a bunch of gloryholes.

UA score? What is that? I unfollow inactive accounts or accounts that don't interact with followers; it's that simple really. I just saw a post with a single YT video, no text, 845 votes and no comments after 2 hours. I may just unfollow that fellow; he won't miss me, nor does he need me.


ive also been cleaning house in that department... when i first joined, i followed everyone and their mother, simply because i knew no better.. so i have a bunch of zombies there.


Yes, I've been housekeeping, too. I wish I could divest myself of the 60% zombie followers. Most of them arrived during that time of someone creating multiple clone accounts. I mean, I don't worry about them too much, there's nice things to eat and walks to do, but it's also satisfying to clean out the cupboards now and then.

That origami Yoda looks like it took many many practices... sorry the picture got me...


there are origami pieces that are thousand times more amazing


This one struck my inner nerd though...

I'm still confused. And honestly, I get the feeling that finding out more about this would actually make me dumber, somehow. That's how stupid it sounds... pathetic.

As always though... Two-legs is Two-legs, til the end of time. shrug

Why would anyone unfollow you to game their UA score? I thought the most accessible way to improve it was to try and attract followers who comment.

I'm fairly sure unfollowing active users won't do anything to boost UA...?

I may be wrong, I've yet to fully look into how its calculated.

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what is even more funny about this, is that it won't actually help, not in the way people think. So its an exercise in futility.


I thought so... it is kind of funny I agree..... illogical.

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Another spot on post as usual @meno
Gaming systems might work in the short term but usually the loophole gets closed at some point.
The amount of time people spend gaming systems could be much better spent towards hard, productive work that will benefit long term.
This quick path, entitled to everything, mentality that seems to be prevalent today is really depressing

If your UA score is affected by things that are capable of being manipulated like that then there is a problem with the system, in my opinion.

In today's world everybody really is calculating a few pennies. Life is difficult.

Don't get me wrong, I can definitely see your point.... but it also sounds like the system is setup to allow bad actors to propagate and thrive.... at least that's what it sounds like from what you've written here.


that is just it tho jeezle, dude fakenewsd himself, he probably won't move up, but he burnt a bridge...


Yeah he definitely made a mistake. I kind of wonder who it was.

"I even had a direct message were someone "warned" me he was going to unfollow me, to not take it personal"

First, everybody takes getting dumped personally, though it's obviously more mature not to;

Second, what kind of system would give a person credit for dropping you, of all people?

That is seriously dumb shit! What is Steem-UA thinking!? I had understood it was a smarter system, but obviously not too smart if it gives folks who unfollow you a pat on the back!!?? WTF

That said, now I know this, I hope you don't take this personally, @meno, but. . . .


hahahahha but that is just it rodney... im sure his score did not go up, that is not how it works. Unless he won a follow from someone with higher rep, he did not go up, so he fakenewsd himself.

I'm sorry everyone. I'm intentionally forcing you all to unfollow me. Don't take it personally.

@meno are you doing anything to improve your score anyway? :P
I just don't care. Will be interesting to see what this picture looks like of everyone gaming it to the best of their ability.


ive not changed a thing about how I'm interacting... i actually added follows... im a little annoyed with people, disgusted at times even.


I read that like a 50s monster see... You killed my brudder you dirty rat...


Are yeh now?

I even had a direct message were someone "warned" me he was going to unfollow me, to not take it personal

I didn't mean it as a warning...

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