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RE: I will give 1 Steem Dollar to all that follow me and reblog this post in the next 24 hours!

in #steem-stats6 years ago (edited)

Im sorry you feel that way. This was a one time experiment. I did not wish to annoy you on twitter but on the "steemit" platform I did not do anything "spammy". You have flagged me for an act i committed on twitter and on steem. I don't not feel that is a just reason to flag someone. I hope you accept my apology and withdraw your flag thanks.


Please read what I wrote. I have not flagged you yet. @lukestokes is the one that flagged you and I think that it is justified. Frankly your attitude suggests to me that you don't really care about the community.

I see that now sorry I was confused! And if you see my page you will see i am a heartful steemer this was a one time thing and the first time I've got a negative respond.

Your actions on Twitter and personal attacks towards me were what earned you the flag. I explained more in my reply above.

My advice: own your mistakes and learn to treat people with more respect in the future. Replying to @thecryptofiend in the way you did further supports my views.

You still haven't changed it though so I'm not sure really mean it. If you did you would have retracted the post.

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