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RE: Vessel 0.0.6 - Steem Power Delegation

in #steem-project4 years ago

Hi @jesta. To delegate to another account. Do you need to have the account at your wallet or you can delegate to any user? My app is not allowing me to select the delegation tab... any suggestions? really need that... Thansk in advance! AAMAAAAZZIIINNNGGG WORK! =)


You can delegate to anyone and no, you don't need the designated account in your wallet.

I'm going to look into why that's happening today and hopefully release a quick hotfix build to fix it.

Same for me

I have just seen the new build. Works fine now. Thanks for bringing this up :) (and thanks @jesta for fixing this so quickly !)

Thanks. I am here to help in any testing if needed.

Need this for my disrupting idea...

Raised an issue on github.

Working! Nicely done. Thanks.