Good News: STEEM is the only coin out of the top 13 on Coinmarketcap which gained in value! 2016/12/05

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I just checked Coinmarketcap and saw that STEEM is 7.25% up while all other coins lost value.

Wonderful! The marketcap is almost 48 million which is also good news!

Steem on and thanks for your visit,


''Very tiny this post!''
''That's what people like the most''
''Are you serious?''


''lol bro!''


*cheers big ears!*

*same goes, big nose!*



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Awesome. Resteemed


Thank you, big honor! Followed you.

Thats awesome news ! Thanks for shareing ! 😆👍😉


Hi Karen, as I keep hitting the refresh button on coinmarketcap the price goes down each time but maybe it will stop, and then, who knows, go straight to the top!


🆙I sure hope so ! I like UP ! 🆙



Thanks for the resteem sir!

Including bitcoin. Up more!

Steem will reach top 5 in no time .

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Nice! :) Upvoted, resteemed, shared and followed.


Thx, that post was a real success. The right info at the right time and it's raining upvotes.

Looking good for Steem for sure!
Let the true hype begin soon :)

It's gettin, better. STEEM is closing in on Dash; as I write its market cap is ~$52 million. Steem On!

Looking good for Steem. Let's see what happens after the hardfork