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Just thought I'd share these numbers... trying to predict a reasonable price for STEEM over the coming year.

Of course there are many other factors... but these numbers help identify the ballpark!
(This is assuming the changes occur as proposed on Nov 16)

Basically, I'm just taking the other top 10 cryptocurrencies on and dividing their current market cap by 250,000,000 rather than their actual "Available Supply". In other words, I'm pretending that they all have roughly the same number of tokens as STEEM.

Market Cap / 250 Million = Price .

So this would be the current price of each of the top 10 cryptos based roughly on STEEM's available supply:

1 Bitcoin = $44.91
1 Ether = $3.77
1 Ripple = $1.17
1 Litecoin = $0.75
1 Monero = $0.27
1 Dash = $0.25
1 Augar = $0.23
1 Waves = $0.14
1 MaidSafeCoin = $0.14


So if you believe that STEEM is fundamentally one of the top ten cryptocurrencies, than based on this information it's safe to assume that the price should settle somewhere between $0.14 and $3.77 over the next year. And if STEEM ever grows to be the size of bitcoin, then the moon is the new limit!

This is not investment advice. I'm not an expert!!! Anything could always go to ZERO!!!


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I like the way you think,
and I love the way you math.

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That's quite a wide range.

How about making a prediction? I suggest STEEM will be worth $2.07 on November 3, 2017


OK, this will be fun! For Nov 3 2017 - I predict $3.25 (but I'm a dreamer)

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This seems like a great project. Going to look into this more tomorrow when I get a chance. Thanks for the up vote!

Clever way of looking at things. This is important data.

Of course we could approach it from the standpoint of coming up with a range of market caps we think Steem will fall within in a year and divide that by 250 mil.

Thanks for posting this.

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