Steem Pressure: The Movie ;-)

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A long time ago, in a block far, far away…
No, wait, this is NOT the story you are looking for ;-)

This year, I started writing “Steem Pressure,” which is a series of posts aimed at showing you how steemd works in its natural habitat.

It’s not easy for me to write for several reasons, mostly because of my chronic lack of time.

Since I discovered Steem, I’ve almost forgotten what spare time is. So please be patient.

In the meantime, I’ve rendered a video to divert your attention away from the fact that I haven’t posted too many episodes recently promote the series.

I hope you will enjoy the video, even if you think that the technical details described in Steem Pressure itself are somewhat boring.

You will learn about various use case scenarios common for the block producers, exchanges, and various service providers that utilize API endpoints.

Hopefully, you will get a better idea on how to build an efficient Steem infrastructure, provide reliable Steem-powered services, and make the best use of your resources to improve your performance.

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Steem Power user” :-)

If you are making a Steem-related project, feel free to contact me or other Steem witnesses or developers for guidance.

Our platform is a whole new universe, full of unique, beautiful creatures, rules and mechanics. It's not easy to tame, and even if you are already interacting with other blockchain-based platforms, there is nothing like Steem.

If you believe I can be of value to Steem, please vote for me (gtg) as a witness on Steemit's Witnesses List or set (gtg) as a proxy that will vote for witnesses for you.
Your vote does matter!
You can contact me directly on, as Gandalf

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Since I discovered Steem, I’ve almost forgotten what spare time is. So please be patient.

Right? I've had to close discord and unplug the internet to get any writing done on my novel. 😂 But I wouldn't change a thing, I'm having too much fun with all the beautiful creatures I've discovered in the steemisphere.

That video is top notch. As it stands it's a solid tool to help people understand what Steem is about and some of the things that can be done with it. I'd love to see a script and hear it with a voice over... Steemians could translate it into a plethora of languages, shared with the masses to let them know Steem exists. Now all we need is a streamlined way to get them into the platform and help them succeed.

I'm rambling. This is what the video made me think of. As for getting users to the platform and helping them succeed, I think there's a lot of people pitching in on that. I also think there's a lot of work to be done. If you like the idea of using this video as a way to help people understand the concept of the blockchain and it's potential uses, I'd be happy to collaborate on writing a script for voice over... in case you can't find the time. 😉

Resteemed. Keep doin' your thing.


Haha yeah can be addictive !


hey nice your article

Upvote and resteem. Thanks again. What is your price projection for Steem in 2022?


Thank you.
As for price projections - I don't know. Not my field of expertise. That would be guessing, not science :-)

Pardon me, Gandalf. Have a minute to spare from the Shire and Longbottom Leaf? Trying to let some whales know about this scam


Thanks for info, for the record I'm not a whale (my SP is far from amounts that can negate such payouts) and it's not a scam, it's just (subjectively) overpaid content. Sad thing is that sometimes users can't understand that this harms the platform in a long run.

I will ask few reputable top voters if it is intended (sometimes it's just curation trial that is not working as expected or abused by those who used to create/curate high quality content).

Love the video. What software do you use to create?


It's rendered from the templates with the re-seller license. Pretty convenient as long as available theme matches your intent. Here I was able to find (IMHO) a perfect match.


i would like to bring you witness to my w/(h) ea L/L (t/h) D

Wow!! I freaking love it! Your Steem pressure series really helps alot of devs and people looking at Steem blockchain for future projects. Thanks so much for doing these.


Thank you :-)

Under my depression several weeks after the descent of the Steem and of course the lack of votes I decided to venture into other sites that promise to be similar, however I did not succeed in my search... I thought maybe it was the time that and I have here that makes me see that nothing is like Steemit and Steem... so I just keep working for at some point i have the ability to support those who like me had a hard start.

It is as you say, even this platform is new and has a long way to go, there is only to work, wait and to believe.


Hi @gvand, I saw your post. I will follow you and read your blog. You should get some up votes from me and I will send some Steem your way. It sounds like you have more experience then I so I would appreciate feedback on my blog please. I am just starting and only have a few posts so far.

Is your chronic lack of time contagious? Because I feel I am getting it too!

The clip seems promising, will take a look at it a little bit later :)


I'm afraid - yes.
I should have added a loop for the video to buy some more time before releasing the next episode ;-)

I hope you will enjoy the video, even if you think that the technical details described in Steem Pressure itself are somewhat boring.

If it wasn't for the cool art, the details would have been super boring. LOL


I need to figure out what to add to the next episodes. Cute kittens? ;-)

Very nice graphic introduction. Appreciate the hard work

What a fantastic graphical animation made to steem blockchain.
Great job @gtg.

Thanks for being such a useful witness, I've included you in this post and I hope that you will do much more for steemit. ☺


Thank you.
By the way, please review "Steem"/"Steemit" usage, it's commonly mistaken one with another. Steemit obviously plays huge role here (as a company and as a site), but Steem is something more. For example, while you can say about Steemit community when you think about people using site, using broader Steem community might be more appropriate (because it then includes people using mainly Busy, DTube, DLive, etc.)


Sorry I forget to add this # to steem-pressure to make it clickable. Now it's edited and it's like that #steem-pressure . I will use the term steem community in the future, you are right, we have to take care more about steem blockchain.

Well done @gtg! GOT watch out!


Thank you :-)

Excellent work @gtg. I'm interested to watch awesome video.
Nice you decided to shared.

Much appreciated effort @gtg. Definitely outstanding graphical creations.

It looks so cool and futuristic as it should be <3 I should be patient since you have chronic lack of time, but I am waiting impatiently to find out more ^^

You had me at "A long time ago".


I'm glad you liked it :-) Sorry for such click-bait ;-)
May the Steem be with you! :-)

Very cool video! Thank you for sharing this:)

This is actually a nice idea, and it looks all kinds of cool. Will you take this idea further on?


Yes, of course I'm going to continue those series, but I will focus mostly on an useful content, not such promo click baits ;-)

Got to go good job with the video. hahhaa I missed you a ton!


I guess I will need to run a video campaign about where gtg comes from... because of you. :-P

Love the vid go you

wow,,its really great

keep it up dear friend @gtg

its really helpfull post for all user,,thanks for great steeem video,,

You really gave us a lot of help
I wish you all the best, my dear
Thank you for what you have given us

I love!! it's a great presale, I hope for more! for which we are of visual learning this series promises a lot

Wow great work

This must have taken so much time to edit.

Really nice to see what people are willing to do in the name of Steemit

This video rendering is very good to me. I have enjoyed many fun after this, so thank you so much

Nice animation. What software you use for the animation?

Appreciate the hard work and the way to explain luck god bless u


While it might feel obvious for most, you are a new user so this tip might be actually useful for you: if you like a post, the best way to show your appreciation is to upvote it. You haven used that feature yet. It doesn't cost you anything, well, except "bandwidth" and "voting power". First makes you "tired" when you do too much actions on the platform without having enough Steem Power, second makes your votes less and less powerful... but both replenish over time. You can cast up to 10 votes per day to not "get tired".
Thanks and good luck.


Thanks for these advices!!,
they are also perfect for me, because I'm new one too.

I would love to bring something valuable to this platform
and it's so discouraging when only a few users see it :(

Besides, for me 10 votes is so little!, right? (if you are generous),
(my data tell me that my voice will be full Only in 62 hours, haha :D

sometimes "tired" is the perfect word..

Excellent video!!!

appreciate your struggle and hard work and the way to explain luck god bless u

Hopefully, folks can tap into this, and bring forth greatness

Very nice posts

very cool!

Thank you for voteing my post!
I will grow from now on! Please support me!

Thank for share video

wonderful love the video. looking forward to a brighter future

Good post!

The world is still full of people who want to provide information, which sometimes compose information in the hope of providing clues to a place. Thank you @gtg information that you share this may be useful for myself.

Good Job @gtg. Always following your posts. Looking to join the banking tier soon. Plus it's sexy to see how multi-talented you are :)

hahaha...I love your presentation!
The video is awesome.

The graphics and the sound perfectly suits it....3D aspect and the way they inform is totally cool.

Nice movie.

If you are making a Steem-related project, feel free to contact me or other Steem witnesses or developers for guidance.

Thanks a lot. Hopefully one day I can come up with something.

Thanks, it’s to late to up vote this post, but I think I can still vote for you for witness.
What do you think about this coin?


True, voting (and unvoting) witnesses can be done at any time.

As for that coin, I don't know it and it doesn't seem to have any real value (for me) i.e. what problems does it solve? Making easier for people to run software that does nothing more than others can do? I don't think it's enough.


Hi @gtg
I am still learning about masternodes, so I found them complicated to build and complicated to maintain. I guess I see the use cases for Gin and Apollon coins as creating nontechnical point and click masternode creation platforms for people much less talented then you. But I see your point that for the technologically savvy like you it performs a function you already can do easily and possibly find stimulation and enjoyment in the process, which is understandable.

i would like to bring you witness to my w/(h) ea L/L (t/h) D


Hello @xubrnt. How is that related to this post (or witnesses)? and why are you making it intentionally unreadable?

Amazing video 🤩