And just like that, it's over.

That is one of the interesting things about this game. It can either last for days once we get down to a few players (potentially even longer) or it can be over just like that. For Season 4, it is over just like that! Wondering why? Let's see.


In the previous round, our one remaining team, TEAM TEAM featuring @keepdoodling & @bycz, and our one remaining solo player, @jznsamuel had to choose which path to take. They could either jump a fence and cut across of field of plants, including some with white flowers, or they could jump a fence and head up a creek.

Team team chose to cut across the field. However, the plant that had the white flowers on it was actually Water Hemlock, the most toxic plant in North America. Just breaking open the stem and getting some of the fluid inside on your skin can lead to death.

This was not a pleasant death for @keepdoodling and @bycz, but it was a death. Since they died, they took second place, and will be splitting 25% of the Prize Pool, pocketing 137.5 STEEM DOLLARS each.

@jznsamuel chose the safe way, and headed up the stream. Amazingly, @jznsamuel outlasted every other player this season and is our new champion of the STEEM-Pocalypse Survival Game Contest. He will take home an incredible 825 STEEM DOLLARS!

Please join me in congratulating @jznsamuel for a job well done this season!


Yes, I know that very many of you have been actively waiting for this season to end so you can join in on Season 5. I will post a Season 4 Recap post tomorrow and I will include the updated rules for gameplay. Running this game takes a lot of time for me on a daily basis, but I am more than happy to do it to provide you all with this interesting opportunity to earn some SBD. I am constantly trying to improve gameplay and streamline the process, so I usually make a few changed each season. If you are interested in joining the players for Season 5, please read that full recap and updated rules post tomorrow. I will post the Season 5 Sign Up post on Monday, so be ready!


A super-big thank you to everyone who has played and supported this game. Without upvotes and people to play, there would be no game and I would not be able to give such incredible prizes away. It is you who are making this possible! Thanks steemians!

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with



Ahaha! Congratulations, @jznsamuel you lucky fellow! :)

Finally Team TEAM is out.

Thanks a lot for this game, @papa-pepper :) I can't imagine how much time and effort you put into this! Awesome work!

Thank you @bycz and @knittybynature! It was a pleasure to be in one team with you :) And thanks to all of you guys who supported and cheered for us! Yay!

See you all in the next season :)

thanks @keepdoodling, you're doodles were awesome throughout the season.
It was great playing alongside Team TEAM.

@keepdoodling, I've enjoyed your doodles all season. But I think this last one is probably my favorite. The are all tremendously funny.

A HUGE congratulations to the BIG winner @jznsamuel - you outlasted everyone and very deservedly took home the big prize, fantastic job! Team Team performed admirably all season and were hands down the best team this season and provided the most awesome doodles every single day. You guys were incredible and I'm glad you guys were also rewarded for your valiant efforts this season!

This was awesome Papa - great job with organizing this game and an even better Herculean job of designing some very creative scenarios every single day! Can't wait to sign up again for Season 5 on Monday! Let's rock!

@jznsamuel did do a great job!

I agree about the doodles of TEAM TEAM, it was as entertaining to look at those as it was to read the dialogue of THE DUKES OF HAZARD!

Can't wait to see what Season 5 brings!

THE DUKES OF HAZARD were amazing - every time I read their dialogue, it really felt like I was listening to the two guys from the REAL Dukes of Hazard!

This was an awesome season and I'd love to see all of those guys back again on Monday. Thanks Papa! Let's go Season 5!

Well done @jznsamuel for winning and Team Team for their great second place effort.

Man, you guys were so close too @gregory-f! Great job done by all, and everyone gets a new chance next Season!

thank you very much @gregory-f !

Still a good game! congrats to the BIG 3!! :)
@keepdoodling one last doodle for season 4 pleaaseee!!! :) SOrry, a real fan :p

I am a huge fan too! It livened things up for sure!

Wow, that game lasted awhile. I sort of got knocked out early! I can't wait until next season!

Yeah, A lot get dropped kind of early, but I'll try to let everyone at least make it a few days next Season.

No mercy, @papa-pepper. No mercy.

Congrats to the winner and runner-ups! It was awesome to play, and after being gunned down on day four or so, it was still awesome to follow. Thanks @papa-pepper for all the time and effort that you put into this! Looking forward to season 5!

@jznsamuel congrats!


I also did a new #steemfightchallenge, weekly 25sbd giveaway! I would post a link... But do not wanna spam on the king @papa-pepper even more! :P

Cheers papa!

thank you!

Horray @jznsamuel!!! Congratulations!!! You are the BIG WINNER!!! I knew it. Cheers!!! :D

Thanks a ton @jeanelleybee for the support, yes you guessed it right :D

Congratulations @jznsamuel and thanks @papa-pepper for organising such a interesting contest. 😊

Welcome the worlds best community !!!!

From now on you are on the green path to implement your kindness to everyone, hope you include the lucky people here.

Do not hesitate to share interesting and useful things. Good luck!!!

Greetings from me ** @abdelilahelkati **

Like many others, I'm really looking forward to being a part of next season!


Can't wait. Definitely playing this time.

Great job @jznsamuel . Very interesting game @papa-prepper

Thank you. It seems like it is fun to play and to watch, plus very rewarding for the winners!

Thanks for organizing contest. I agree waste time invest with
done up-voted and followed.

hola soy nuevo vale ayudemen a conseguir seguidores y q me ayuden con mi perfil vale suerte a todos

Congratulations to @jznsamuel for the wonderful win and to @papa-pepper for conducting such an amazing game.

Look forward to being a part of Season 5, and hopefully going all the way. :)

Congratulations @jznsamuel!

thank you!

That is SO neat!!! Big congrats to the winner!!!!!!!

sign me up i wanna play !!!

Way to go, @jznsamuel! Well done to all the participants and an extra special thank you to @papa-pepper for running such a great game!

Am looking forward to sign up and try to avoid being @aunt-ded again. ;~P

thanks a lot @aunt-deb.
that @aunt-ded thing cracks me up everytime!

I like, Followed you

Congrats @jznsamuel well played, must be an awesome feeling to be the winner of season 4

And now for SEASON 5 let the games begin :)

thank you very much @louiscpt, it truly feels amazing :)

Congratulations @jznsamuel . That 's a big help to your Steem Power. Great job!

It surely is, thanks a lot :)

Thanks for sharing : )

Congratulations to the winners.

Wow, this feels truly amazing and I can't thank you enough for giving us the chance to play this supremely fun game @papa-pepper.

I'll not really be able to describe in words how awesome this feels, but I'll try 😊 . I died very early last season, I think the first day. So my personal goal for this season was just to make it a little bit further and further till I probably got to win by season 25. But thank god things worked out pretty well for me this season itself and I didn't make any stupid decisions I'm capable of making to lead to a painful and horrifying death

This month is my birthday, and I'm all the more thankful to get the greatest gift ever!

This game teaches us so many things - we get to engage/interact with the community, we learn survival skills, we learn so much from the detailed info you provide on various plants/techniques. It's fun and informational at the same time.

I'm so glad I could make it out alive this season, 10 days out in the dangerous world of steem-pocalypse is an achievement I'll always be proud of. And the journey wouldn't have been as much great if not for all the other wonderful people who participated.

Congrats to the top 3 - congrats @keepdoodling and @bycz, and @keepdoodling your doodles have been truly sensational. And congrats 'THE DUKES OF HAZARD', thanks for those fun dialogues.

Thank you @papa-pepper, you have lot more people to handle in season 5, and I definitely hope to see zombies one day 😊

I wanted to play regardless just to get in on some adventures with @papa-pepper but now I'm thinking it may just even more enticing hahaha
Thanks again for all you do for Steemit you really are one of the biggest supports of this community.

I love Game No Matter What

Congrats to the lucky winners @jznsamuel and Team Team. You guys were awesome. I especially loved the doodles! Thanks also to players like The Dukes of Hazard, or @deanlogic for their own additions, interpretations, and playing style. Each one's unique participation makes the game so much more fun. Very special Thank Yous also to my two team members @dtbahoney and @scorchdojo who put in a great job at figuring out the most reasonable way to proceed (which was not always the most successful one, but hey, such is survival life). Finally, and most of all, THANK YOU very much @papa-pepper for taking us onto this amazing journey of life and death. It was immensely fun, and I'm looking forward to the next season.

Well done to the winner @jznsamuel, and a bigger thank you to papa for the hard work you put into our entertainment.

Great work!
Upv and follow You!
Greetings from POland

I challenge you to no canyons to cross in the next season!

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