What you should do if you want to be noticed on Steemit

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Hello fellow Steemians,

I have realized few things how to get your reputation faster. One of them is featuring as an author in already popular people blogs.

If you have some ideas what you would want to spread faster in Steemit you can ask to feature on other author's blog. As you can see featured author's in popular people's blogs usually get some STEEMs/SBDs from their effort. Why is that?

Those people who let other's to feature on their blog have already good amount of followers an people who follows also votes followers posts. Some of people don't even read the post because they know it's gonna be on trending page or at least they will get some curation from it.

People who let other's to feature on their blogs will give SBDs from the post to the original author. I think this is very great idea which benefits author, blogger and other Steemians. For Steemit it is good because of diversity of those featuring people. For featuring author is good to gain reputation and for blogger is good to gain Steem Power and been seen as wonderful and friendly people, at least in my eyes.

Who are those who will let you to feature on their blog. Here are few popular ones: @jacor, @dragonslayer109 & @gavvet. Go and propose your post idea for them. You might get a spot. :)

Another way to gain faster reputation is to go to steemit.chat and make friends. There is also channel for post promoting your posts. That's great way to make you and your username more popular.

One way is to comment on (popular) post and get noticed that way. You have to comment something useful though, not just "Great post!".

I'm sorry about my grammar but I hope that you get my point here. :)

What do you think about my post?

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