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The NSC community is one of the emerging communities in Aceh, with more than 300 members spread across Aceh, and some members from outside Aceh. The NSC community is independent and funded by anyone because the community we founded in August 2017 is a steemit beginner. However, we are in the NSC community, committed to promoting steemit to all circles, with the hope that one-day steemit will become one of the most popular media among the community.

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Many of the obstacles we face in introducing steemit to the community, but we can only explain in accordance with their existing abilities, even we can only advise them to make the best possible post, to attract the attention of the whale and the whale steemit. Many new users who follow our advice, so they are now able to stand alone also can help other beginners. We advise them so because we are not able to provide support to them in the form of upvote value, the cause is certainly because we no one has a lot of steempower (SP).

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We hope for whales and whale steemit so that someday someone will help new members of our community because only so steemit continues to grow and be liked by many people. Now, steemit seems to belong to a group or community, while other communities do not have the right to steemit by blocking all other community entrances to whale and pope steemit, some even reporting other community leaders as spam. We are looking forward to the justice of all whale and pope steemit, so steemit is really social media that support the community in many ways, of course by appreciating the content in accordance with the basic principle of steemit, which is looking for original and pure postings and best of all users.

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The proof of our seriousness in promoting steemit to the community very much, including:

  • Introducing steemit to the masses with Charity programs for humanity
    The program has been done several times, starting from collecting donations for flood victims of North Aceh in December 2017, then Charity assistance for orphans in Tambon Tunong Village, Dewantara Sub-district, Charity assistance for orphans lying in Zainal Abidin Hospital (RSUZA), and the last aids Charity for Fire Victims Simpang Keuramat, to be more convincing you please see post link published by our community account @nscnews and my account @safwaninisam, to see it Click here 1, 2, 3, 4.

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Hopefully our community program will get support from whales and whale steemit as well as team @promo-steem who are equally willing to introduce steemit to the wider community, my greetings as NSC (Nanggroe Steemit Community) community chairman to all whales and whale steemites like @teamsteem @stephenkendal @gtg @kevinwong @curie @blocktrades @anomadsoul @paulag @beanz @good-karma @rok-sivante @papapaper and many more, and my special regards to CEO Steemit @ned and colleagues. I would like to thank everyone on behalf of the NSC community chairman, hopefully, our community will get support from many people to continue to promote steemit.

Together we can. The spirit of Teamwork NSC is the most important

Contact me on discord
NSC https://discord.gg/cdBc8y4
With the cooperation of Team Work NSC, we will be able to provide useful works for all.

Team Work NSC
@steem77 @safwaninisam @binjeeclick @abunagaya @bukharisulaiman @bukhairidin @rayfa @enzasteem @hasanuddin @taministy @mushthafakamal @ismadi @yusrizalhasbi @teukukemalfasya @abieikram @agamsaia @silvia @dodybireuen @munawir91 @ridwant @steemvest17 @fujaxxi @barzah etc.

Best Regards Steemit World

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