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RE: Steemit Made Simple: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started! (UPDATED AND EXPANDED)

in #steem-help4 years ago

Finally! I can't believe there is no official howto! I mean we have to collectively struggle to understand the platform.


This sort of is an official how to, it's just very technical. The official instructions and explanations as well as the white paper are incredibly technical and way above the heads of most people. I'm no exception. It took me a long time to wrap my head around it enough to simplify it down. Glad you liked it!

it is especially hard for those who do not have a business head on me. I could talk you under the table about mythology, and other what are 'deep' subjects but is all so abstract. But I really do wanna get my head round it. One question what is difference between investing in Steemit (shares) with participating? I bet my question doesn't even make sense lol
AND, is there any way to private message with others here?

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