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A week ago I found the new upvote exchange SteemFollower.
The special at this rapid growing service is, that you get upvotes from real users and not from bots. And if you have little Steem Power, you can get upvotes back with worth up to 5x the worth of the upvotes you give.


When I started testing the service, there were nearly 350 users. Well, a week later, there are over 1500 users. My last post has already received an additional 70 upvotes through this service.

Also these site has a working referral system, where you will receive 5% of your referrals upvotes.

If you also want to try out this service, then please use my Referral Link to sign up there:

Thanks @mahdiyari, you made a good service.

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maybe gonna try it too

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I think its worth trying it out..especially for a minnow like myself. Don't look at me like that ill grow soon. Lol...kidding

hehe eat and eat to get big =D

Thanks I may well give this a try

As I'm trying to get the meats and potatoes of how to cultivate my Steem strength, posts like these are what help me gain a better understanding on how to do things. THANKS

Very interesting. I just recently joined and had thought about the idea of groups getting together to pool upvotes on each other's posts. Im not sure how I feel about that as those people who truely believe in this, like myself, are really not here for the money. I think that a lot of people will put in minimal time and effort and than eventually give up when they don't make enough money for the Lambo within their first month. I plan on doing some more reading when I get home to check out this program and others similar to it. Thanks for the knowledge!

Maybe I gonna try it too

This post has received a 0.45 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @banjo.

true talk ,bot can not read ones comment.i also join ,but when i try to upvote a message comes up with an error .do you know why.great post anyway. steem on man! peace

I also get sometimes an error when upvoting, but most time it works for me. The service is in beta state and still under development. If you get an error, you can report it. Bugs can be reported here:

upvote , comentado y siguiendo espero tu aporte buen blog saludos

Ok, why not? :) I will try it and use your link for sure. Thank you for sharing the information @cryptoriddler!

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Thank you for writing about steemit. Its really help beginner like me. Long live @cryptoriddler

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upvote , comentada y siguiendo espero tu aporte buen blog saludos

88 votes & only $0.55 .. ?

Yes, votes from new members with few Steem Power, are not so many worth. But these new members will grow and upvotes from them will become higher in future.

does a post pay after 7 days if still getting upvotes? Is there any way to downvote?

No, when you got your payout after 7 days, you got nothing more when a post got upvotes after the payout.
You can downvote on the steemit page with the flag in the top right area of a post or comment. At steemfollower you can add negative values between -0.01 and -100 for upvotes.
But you should use flags/downvotes only in very rare cases when a user does not behave properly, e.g. (plagiarism, illegal content, insults).
But it is better if you point out the user's error within a comment, instead of flag him.
If you don't like what a user wrote, you can also mute this user.

if I give -100 flagging someone.. does it also hurt me?

Also when you give a flag, your voting power goes down. So you can give one upvote less to others. Also if you flag a big player with a lot of steem power, these user could take revenge and downvote you down to level 0.

level 0?

New users start with reputation level of 25. But you can go down to 0 (or maybe 1) if you got many downvotes (or one really big downvote).

its very nice to read. Nice bro . Upvote for me

Thanks for sharing

hello dear lets start a huge income making to upvote and comment each other post honestly

Looks very interesting, I will probably try it. It's actually nice that you get upvotes from real people, not bots :)

Yeah, thats much better than upvotes from bots, that doesn't read your content.

Thanks cuz follow me..i have follow back

Interesting thanks for sharing.

Nice suggestion I will look into applying this

I just hope I get my large bank of upvotes cast soon. Otherwise the site is useless.


Thanks for information, gonna use your ref link :-)

This looks interesting.. will check it out later.. upvoted and resteemed to see what others think .. :)

hi cryptoriddler. i am join steemfollower in your Referral Link. But I can not vote for any Voting Power:25.21% and Pending Upvote: 0.0000 SBD. now give me a solution . please reply

I looks like you could do some upvotes in the meantime
Does it work now.
To earn the maximum you should not vote, when your Voting Power is low. Best is when the Voting Power is between 80 and 100%. You should stop voting, until your Voting Power recovers to at least 50%.

How nice! I'm new here still studying the community and i really appreciate how fellow steemians are sharing ideas to the benefit of minnows like myself. I'll sure try this out. Will introduce myself properly when i start posting. Thanks for sharing steemfollower.

Good idea, i will follow you.

#Thanks for follow me,
I #follow you in the same way.
Vote for my articles and I will do it for yours.
#Greetings from Caracas, #Venezuela

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Thank you for sharing ur valuable ideas.. Will try it later. Anyway thanks for following. Have a nice time ahead.

Looks to be a good place for a newcomer to make a start, thanks for the info.

Hey riddler, is there any difference upvoting from Steemit website or upvote from Please explain whether I upvote from here or from Steemit?

If you vote on steemfollower, you can vote only for other users that use this service, but you get upvotes back from them (plus bonus up to 5x). If you vote from steemit site you can vote for all posts there, but you don't get upvotes back from other steemfollower users.

Oh thanks

i not understand its post 507 vote but earning only 3.73 can u tell me the reason

Steem is going to end up being worthless. You need a bot to give you upvotes? That's really sad guys. So glad I didn't invest in this junk... : )

Why are you here posting if you believe steem will be worthless? GO do something useful with your time! Let the rest of us STEEMIT :)

I agree illandpain. It looks like this is just some kind of glorified "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine", scam. It totally undermines the value of votes. I hate people writing "vote for me" or things like that.

I think, you don't understand, what this service is. It's not a bot. It's just an other way to promote your posts. You only got votes from the other users, when they like what you post. Also you don't have to invest something there. You can upvote some posts there, when you like it and get upvotes back when the others like yours.

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I don't have money to do this, neither I'm I wealthy to support people.
But when I heard about Steemit, all I did was just to have fun, then it drawn on me that I can solicitate for help and help as many helpless children.
This made me come up with the idea of starting a NGO organisation in helping small helpless children.
I can't do this alone because I am not capable of, but with your help and support I can and will.
Please resteem upvote
You will be saving a life and videos will be uploaded as the funds are put to proper use.
I will be contacting as many whales as I can and maybe one day I too will be a whale to repay you guys back but if I can't, I'm sure you will be blessed beyond your expectations.
Thank you

Dear cryptoriddler where can I get real advice on what's happening with my steemit account? I don't understand what any section is worth, (steem dollars etc) except that it appears to be very little for all the work I put into posting good content. I just want to know how it really works. If someone else is doing it the easy way, putting up no real content and still getting their value from steemit perhaps I should post less. Would like a response please. JV

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Thanks for this tip @cryptoriddler

Thank you for this post, I m going to try your link and wlll let you know how I make out.

nice share will checkout

Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this

So I did give a try, thanx for this information.


I'm fairly new, perhaps I should try something like this too.