Bexar County Detention Corporal Charged With DWI

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Easter Sunday 2020 kept billions of people across the world from operating as they normally would. Whether because of not being able to celebrate Easter in your normal fashion or because it was just another Sunday and these worldwide shelter in place orders have altered everyday life for you and everyone else in the world it's become clear to anyone with an inquisitive mind that we have been asked(backed by the threat of violence for non compliance) to adhere to these stay at home or shelter in place orders given out by the WHO, CDC, leaders of countries, governors, commissioners, mayors, etc. yet the data initially used was faulty and the worst case scenarios have not come to fruition. At least here in Washington State we have been asked to turn in businesses considered non essential by those in the ruling class that choose to stay open and support their families, employees, and customers they have worked so hard to earn the business of.

I'm sure I don't have to make to many comparisons to other countries/leaders in the past that have made these same requests and what it lead to. It's time to wake up people! Put your differences of who you want ruling over your lives aside and take charge and control of your own life for once. You know what is right and what is wrong. You don't need these gang members masquerading as heroes enforcing statutes of the ruling class over the rest of us. Before you do something that will affect someone else just ask yourself if you would want someone doing it to you before you take any action. If we all just start living by this simple rule and then take ownership of our own safety instead of forcing others to give up their right to defend themselves and their loved ones because we aren't comfortable doing it ourselves and instead hire a socialized security force that controls investigations into any wrongdoing its agents may have done. The whole system is corrupt and is protected by a strong union and a public relations marketing machine bought and paid for off the backs of those constantly threatened with extortion and confinement to a cage for any multitude of victimless crimes.
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I'll get down off of my soapbox now and get to my point now that I have thoroughly bored you with my rants on the illusion of freedom that exists for most of the people in this current society. The point of this post is to expose the treatment of an enforcer of the ruling class caught breaking one of those laws we are told is about public safety and is really just a massive extortion attempt and monitored control over your life for a lengthy period of time all backed with that ever so cute threat of confinement to a cage in the most profitable human caging systems on the planet.
Corporal Palomo was arrested on Easter Sunday and charged with the infraction of driving while intoxicated. She nearly struck a San Antonio Police Vehicle while failing to yield the right of way on the 2900 block of Thousand Oaks Drive in San Antonio. According to KSAT 12 Palomo was bonded on $800 for her DWI charge. According to reports the corporal went through field sobriety tests and a warrant for a blood draw was obtained.
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According to the KSAT12 article this was not Corporal Palomo's first brush with charges of wrong doing. Last year she was suspended for wrongly filing some paperwork that resulted in the early release of an inmate. Initially 15 days of suspension were proposed but of course after an appeal her punishment was shortened to just 2 days. As a result of these new allegations against her Palomo has been placed on administrative leave and had her peace officer's license rescinded pending the outcome of court proceedings.

I'm writing this post as part of the permanent record on this order follower. She has a past already and based on my experiences in investigating how these ruling class worker bees are treated when they break the laws I'm guessing her penalty will not be nearly as stiff as what us in the peasant class would receive. Already she is treated differently. She was only charged with DWI. Any of us would have had multiple charges stacked against us to ensure that at least one of the extortion attempts stuck.
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The Bexar County Sheriff made this statement that was recorded in the KSAT 12 article:

“In the midst of this community and agency fighting the COVID crisis with everything in our power, this is beyond disrespectful. This 16 year employee is certainly experienced enough to know better," Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said in a statement. "My intention is to terminate her employment as soon as possible, if ultimately convicted for this crime.”

I'm going to see about getting the bodycam footage from the SAPD officers on the scene of the arrest. I'm pretty sure they have at least bodycams. My guess is she will probably be fired and then magically after appealing the decision get her job back in some form. I've said it before and I'll say it again. DWI is a victimless crime. If she had crashed and caused property damage to someone else's vehicle or other property that is a civil issue to be handled by insurance companies and or the courts. No one is ever given a criminal citation from statute enforcers for the crime with an actual victim during these DWI stops. The citations are the usual state extortion attempts while any real victim is left to fend for themselves in getting any property or body damage paid for.

I'll be following this case and we'll see if Corporal Palomo is fired and kept of the force or if she is allowed back on because she is a good little order follower for our masters.

Stay safe, live free, and protect yourself and your loved ones. Don't rely on these crooked extortion agents of the state. Keeping you safe is not their job.

Links to sources:

KSAT 12 article on Palomo's DWI
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