Fanart: Like & Retweet Kenny

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It's my fave south park boy, Kenny~ So far I haven't made much south park fanart in 2019 as much I'd like to have ffdgffgd especially since I told myself I'd try to draw the other south park characters more that isn't Kenny, Tweek or Craig sweats but eyy managed to get this done at least!

Like retweetsp.png
This is type of art is actually a ver of the bongo cat meme but specifically has the like and re-tweet symbols in it! There's even a japanese hashtag for this specific ver of the bongo cat meme~ It's cute and shows "supportive-ness"? Is that even a word... On websites like twitter and fb due to whatever algorithms they're using, your post might not show on the feeds of the peeps that follow you which sucks. Example: Even though I have 300+ likers on my fb page, sometime the posts barely reaches 100-200+ peeps. Or maybe the post got drowned out by other posts that's also possible. Likes are nice but doing that and re-tweeting definitely helps creators more and help their stuff reach more peeps or peeps that weren't able to see it on the time it was posted! Though for places like steemit it's kinda different because it doesn't use that algorithm stuff that makes your posts not show up on followers' feeds(at least none that I'm aware of...?) and for me upvoting is more than enough but not everyone uses steemit as much as the previous two platforms so dfkgjdsfk But uhhh yeah basically, support peeps as much as you can! Also I like this version of the bongo cat meme

The finished pics are on my tumblr and the inidividual pics ver are on my twitter Just gonna show the progress shots of one of the pics since they're all pretty much the same but just have slight different expressions/actions

Like retweet a.png
Like retweet b.png
Like retweet c.png
Like retweet1.png
And here we have the like and re-tweeting Kenny!
Like retweetsa.png
Also did a version where he dies and his dead body/blood did the like and re-tweeting since it's Kenny and he dies a lot(not much so in the newer seasons but I'm okay with that. I like Kenny alive and also happy thank you...I say that as I did the drawing of him ded below RIP)
Like retweetsb.png
And for the heck of it, did a steemit ver of the drawing too where Kenny upvotes and resteems!
Like retweetsteemit.png
But like I said upvotes are enough for me so please don't take this post as me asking for peeps to resteem my posts more often(though that would be nice too I guess) since doing both actions is just part of the meme dfklgjdsfkfdk ahhh what are words

That's it for the post! Thanks for checking it out and goodnight~

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Aahhhh oh my god thank you and thank you scrawly❤ ❤❤
(Heck that GIF makes me wanna eat chocoloate cake now kdgjdkf)

I support you, peep! 😄
Very nice drawing, @thilah. Excellent job!


Aww thank you!

So cute ! I love him, @thilah !!! Your kenny chibbers are the most adorable thing omg * ___ * jkhdfksjhkfjdg


Ahh thank you spidey!!! You're the most adorable spider dfjhfskdjgjskfd

Your button like pictures are so cute! They look like emoji stickers xD.


Aww thank you scrawly! Funny enough someone did commissioned me to make twitch emotes before hehe

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