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RE: Introducing Discord Server: Steemit Webcomics - Colaborate and Have Fun

in #steem-cartoon3 years ago

Great little comic drawing and done well. Would gladly have that sort of character in a platformer game, if I were to make it and it you were ever into making assets/animations for 2D games. :)

But great idea to setup a discord server to get all the creatives interested, into it.


Thanks @thegoliath! so what type of games have you made so far? would be great if you could stop to the discord server to talk about it

So far I am still learning, but working on adding more. Done a 2D/text based small project with two mates for class (finished now), made a little town with AI that walk about and you can talk to them (working on it more atm), but getting free assets is my main issue, will have to buy some to use soon since I haven't got anyone to make me any.

wow sounds interesting!! well it would be fun to help you if you need some help, but my problem is that with work and other projects I have, I don't have that much time now :(

Even if you make a character that can run, jump, idle and attack, I would gladly work at putting it into the game engine to play around with it. :)
All good if you can't mate.

Alright let me see if I can make something in the mid term future, I'll let you know for sure!! thanks for letting me know :D

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