Steem Cartoon : The Man I know (@perennial)

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Knowing Him

I really have no words to describe @perennial. He is not like anyone that I have ever met. I remember our first meeting in my office where he asked me if I would like put my work for the public's viewing and there is some money involved. I am sold by the idea since facebook isn't paying me anything. That was how our friendship started.


After knowing him, I start to wonder, how can someone who sleep so little do so much? It is like whenever I text him on his mobile he would reply me, regardless of the time. I have no idea how he thinks but he is quite effective in execution of his actions. I have no idea how he juggles between his day job, his personal life and his postings on steemit.


We call him CY which is short for his actual name. He is also the co-founder of #steem-cartoon which is a community we set up to help my friends and students put their work up for comments and also earn a few dollars in the process. He has been assisting us from day one.


I know his journey in steemit isn't as easy as ours. In my journey I have him as our proof reader and advisor. He is always available even at odd hours. I like to work in the night till the morning and I would usually bug him during those hours and surprisingly he would reply.










Well, @perennial I could have known you as a stranger but these few months of working with you, I got to know you better. If a few words can sum up your personality and character, I would say, creative, reliable and resourceful. No wonder @rambai calls you Gandalf. When we run dry of ideas, he would give us ideas and usually it is quite interesting and out of the box kind of ideas.

People may come and go in your life, but for me, I am your brother for life.

Yeah, one notable thing about him, he likes to talk about his cat aka Ginger and he would usually share pictures of his cat with us. Hence she is also featured in this drawing.


credit to @zomagic

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haha it really does looks like him^^


Hehe... thanks!

i was curious to know who is @perennial
because from comments i knew there is something between you and you have some strong friendship, and when i go other pages related steem -cartoon i see they resteem his posts , i knew he should be a special person , @parannial youre lucky to have such good friends like @sireh , i wish you all health and more success ,

i feel im talking like a groundmother ,,, hahahhah ,
but really i enjoy to see this kind of friendships . cheers .. :)
and and and.... your work is so funny ,, that cat ,, omg , i have 4 and they always beg for FOOD , heheehh..


haha... he is the one who introduced steemit to me, help and teaches me a lot in understanding this platform. I'm the one who is lucky to have him as a good friend...

Haha... I have no problem you're talking like a grandma... wise and full of wisdom... hahaha...
Take care of your cat... everytime you feed them, they will pray for your luck... cheers!


thats great having someone here to ask questions about this platform also , i ask my questions from my artist friend @gric , he is a Wonderful person ... :)

yes i am taking care of them whenever i could ,, :) maybe they are angels , <3


Perennial is me...and yeah my cat is a darling. She keeps me company when I am lonely and when @sireh is busy attending to his family and students. My cat doesnt like to eat much. She is skinny. She only meow to complain


nice to meet you and know about you more, i see your cat is orange too ,
they are very funny :)

It's so great to know there are still wonderful people who always support growth in others. Btw, really like your drawing. WIsh my drawing can be as good


Thank you... drawing is my therapy... but now a lot of my students are better than me...

Nice caricature Sireh... hahaha kucing tu makan saja yang dia ingat .


Kuat makan tuu...

Thanks @perennial! We Appreciate you! :)


Thx @maxyong...u and ur food blogging gonna make my stomach explode



Oh My! Now finally @perennial got his portrait drawn! Yay!
He always treats people that he is close to as his family, very sincere.
I like Ginger too! So cute and fluffy. I do still keep her photo in my phone, so cute to look at!


Ginger says hi...but now she wanna drink water from tap first...





Cool... admire his passion... he treats u like his sister i bet...


He does :)

Great detail. You owe him a lot by being introduced to this awesome place, haha.


Yup... appreciate it vm...

Sempoi! Nice way of appreciating a 'brother' from another mother who is also a cat loving gandalf


Haha... thank you... yup... he loves cat...

amazing drawing bro !


Wahh!... tenkiu boss... bila gathering lagi?... hahaha!


Yayy! Rock will never die... haha

Wow, now that's showing public appreciation for someone's sacrifices. Great cartoon too. 👍


Yup!... ive learn steemit from him a lotttttt... appreciate all the time and effort he dedicates for #steem-cartoon

One very interesting artwork. Good line and color combinations. @perennial would be happy with this caricature. It's a very sweet memory for him.

nice caricature and you nailed it bro..maybe cy feeling dizzy with all the jobs his having through and a big applause to cy aka perrenial for having us here in this awesome platform.. :))

@sireh and @perennial are a great team. They are making Malaysian cartoons and art known worldwide.