Inktober Day 13 & 14 : Guarded and Clock

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final 14.png

"Nighto Malam-kun Please get up!!!! You are going to be late!!!" screeched mother clock.

Hello guys!!!

For this drawing I decided to draw an oc created form a conversation I had with two friends of mine. One was studying in Japan ( Wan Wan) and another taking Japanese language class (Rara). The name came from a stupid joke I made when they were talking about Japanese phrases; What was common to say and such...

Rara asked how to say good night to someone in Japanese which I responded which "Naito Malam-kun". Which roughly translate to night night ( Naito : night in Japanese and malam : night in Bahasa Melayu )

Which ended with them ignoring me for the whole conversation....*cries

Oh.. And as the title suggested :

final 13.png

Here is yesterdays Prompt : Guarded.

I wanted to post this yesterday but I don't know why the steepshot app won't upload it...

The reason why I can't get excess to my computer yesterday was a real case of Irony... As I said before yesterdays prompt was guarded...but I don't feel guarded at all yesterday...

Water was leaking from the ceiling and it hit directly on my desktop. Luckily, we noticed the dripping early and quickly moved everything out.

Everything turned out fine so see ya on the next post!!!

NanaWawa Out!!!