Scander Scarbosy's Necropolis [Evilcrats] Digital Painting

in steem-cartoon •  4 months ago

scarbosys necropolis done.jpg

Scander Scarbosy, the soulless evil villain from Critteria. This Evilcrat is the leader of the lost souls and here we have him in undisclosed underground quarters like necropolis, where bones are stacked like walls to increase the power of the dead.

An evil eye hologram projected in the background where some ritualistic acts are executed.

Evil surrounds and protects him at all times in exchange of the sacrifices that feeds them all.

Thank you for stopping by.


scarbosys necropolis ink.jpg

Flat Colors

scarbosys necropolis flat color.jpg


scarbosys necropolis done.jpg

Animated Process



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Such an interesting work, @crittercrats. Excellent job! 😁

It's pretty cool, it looks like some of the catacombs where they do bone stacking. Then the effects you used on the eye were a nice touch....


Thank you very much! @coinsandchains

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Hi crittercrats,

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Thank you very much! @curie

Thats a cool piece of art! I like to see the process of the development. Great job @crittercrats. I would like you to ask, which software do you use for the digital painting?

Greetings from germany :-)


Thank you very much! @avizor I use Manga Studio EX software.

Hey @crittercrats, thank you for sharing your digital painting of Evilcrats, I love hte eye behind, that immediately reminds me "Lord of the Rings", also I noticed that he has in left hand a ball like seeing the future ball. The digital art is something that will have a good future and gives a wide variety and intensity of colors as well as ability to demonstrate the tri-dmentional form of objects. I believe if you continue to develop your skills it may bring you so far forward. Considering the speed of dveloping of caomputer games that skill is soemthing that will be require and needed in the future.

Cheers, from Art-supporting blog @art-venture


Thank you! @art-venture You are welcime to check out my blog I have many digital paintings.

An early Halloween I guess Crittercrats! lol!

That animated one is quite very cool!

Kids will definitely run when they saw this at night lol!

But if you make a toy out of it, I guess many kids will buy it to frighten their fellow kids. They would enjoy definitely!

Its a digital painting but you can paint that on a paper for sure.


Yup! Hehehe! When Scarbosy and the Evilcrats appears all turn like Halloween in a split second in Critteria. He is the main villain from our characters. Yes. I used to do traditional painting years ago but technology make it easier to carry, conceal and storage my art. Thank you for stopping by. @ronel


You're welcome!
I guess digital technology is now surpassing the traditional hands on works.
Its getting faster now!

The combination of digital art and the animation was a smart way to present your art. Yes, it did look scary :) Is this some type of voodoo in the process?
Hope you have thousands of inspirations flow and present to us more of your art.


Thank you very much! This character is the main evil in our comics. He do some type of rituals together with his minions where he wakes the death or spirits from their graves. This gaves him power but it's not enough for him and his ultimate goal is to gatherer the power of the Mut@nts Crittercrats to become the most powerful in Critteria.

Evil protects him? That's quite interesting... He definitely looks like a villain..


Thank you very much! @audreybits

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Thank you very much! @artzone

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Yeah!! Creepy!! 😀😀

Great artwork mate. ^_^ Love how you went into detail on colorizing the bones in the background. Most I think would've just left them plain white and left it at that.


I've done my hand at art and most of the time things never leave the WIP stage because I can't be bothered to spend that much time on a particular piece. I have to have a certain mood to draw to begin with regardless of how good I may or may not be. So anyone that can take the time to actually colorize something complex and give it shading gets extra kudos in my book. \nn/

Cool cartoons, gives me the Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy feel. I suggest refining the hazy parts on the lightning. The white cloudy parts are better off following the electrical lines than having shapes on their own. Cool line art. Just needs more work on the lighting and it's good :D


Thank you very much!

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The character design rocks and all those bones look fantastic! Great work on the color and shading as well! I enjoy all the crittercrats characters, but I find the villains especially interesting. It’s cool to learn more about them!

howdy from Texas crittercats! wow this is quite the unique and captivating design crittercats! love the action and the way the colors pop and that background of bones really fits!
do you have other designs that you will be showcasing on your posts?


Yes! I have many posts in my blog about our own characters and their backgrounds. The other type of art varies, some are original and some are assigned depends on the contests. You can check us out. Thank you for stopping by.

Love him! The bone wall is perfect. Looks like he was a lot of fun to do as well.


A lot of bones in that wall. Im glad you like him! He is our main villain and the leader of the evilcrats. @headchange

Congratulation for your Scander Scarbosy's Necropolis [Evilcrats] Digital Painting is very nicepexels-photo-633437.jpeg


Thank you very much! @nissam