Steem Cartoon : They are Alive

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We are a bunch of artists and when we are bored, we do silly things. Some people play strip poker, beer-pong or challenge each other to run naked in town, we play with our creations.

I play with ideas and I toy with them...maybe you should try.



(Hey dude! What the hell you wanna do? Stop pulling my t-shirt goddamnit!)

(This is too much! Stop being such an ass, my face is coming off!)

(This when I say : 'I am your creator and I can do anything I want! Ha! Ha! Ha!')


  1. Draw cartoon character and make it look like it is interacting with you.
  2. Cut it well and gave them a diorama.
  3. Take a picture and you’re done.
  4. Take it to steemit and start earning upvotes and show off.

Life as a Cartoonist

Life can be fun and sometimes when you put work and time into the equation, it can be quite stressful. I turn to steemit to get out of it all.

I don't know how @sireh and @perennial did it, but they are doing a great job, building this community. In my country, we do it more for the love of drawing. It doesn't pay as well. So, we only have one choice, to be contented and live within our means. I am quite honoured to be part of this #steem-cartoon and when the young talents came in, its like wow...their art is so different. Not like the old school us. Very dynamic.

My style is very much to showcase the local art and culture for the world to understand us better. I think we shouldn't think too hard about making the bucks and it will eventually come. Not that I am saying you don't have to vote for me, please do vote for me, but I am keeping my expectation in check.

I feel that it is more rewarding here seeing new talents, learning new things and finding a common goal. I say, let's keep it simple and fun, you never know what is at the end of the rainbow. Nuff said. I am not a writer anyway, let my cartoon speak.


Your Cartoonist...


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here's one from me! :D



hahahhaha!!Ingat tak layan..“I like boring things.” - Andy Warhol :))

Hahaha... life as a cartoonist ... we had ups and downs... we laugh when we are happy... we do silly things when we are bored... We poke fun at ourself even when life kicked us hard...... but life goes on... great to see your posting buddy... upvoted and resteem... belanja nasik ayam petai satu...


When the going gets tough, the tough get going..haha..Thanks bro!!nasik ayam petai!Berehhhh!!

niceeee...meletup ni rasanya..tgk aa nanti


hahhaha..main main je bai..mende dah ada..hahah

Wow! hebat ni tuan..Thumb up!

· tanda tanda tengah bosan bro..thanks bro! ;)

Marvellous bro. Ini baru betul power..yeah!! p(^0^)q


hahaha..memain je bro..thanks! :)

Life as cartoonist.

Struggle but fun. Thumb up.

· platform..just trying new things the way..welcome bro! :)

stylo la work big boh ...nice..


Thank you Jedi Color master aura.. :)

Hahah ... Very nice and cute
Yrs youre the creatore and can do anything , But be a kind creatore sir , lol
Followed .. √


hahaha..thanks for following me adelepazani!Im not vicious as it look..a kind-hearted dragon i supposed..hehe...pleased to meet you too.Now we can sharing art and culture as well.Thanks! :)


Nice to meet you too" kind-hearted creatore ,,,hehehe ,


:)) hehe


Cool stuff with your lil drawings) i wanna try something like that too:)

· should..thanks @katkatart. :)

@cartoonistpandan could you plz do a step by step tutorial of how to draw cartoons?I would love to try it out.☺