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How would you improve steem-bounty?

in steem-bounty •  5 months ago

The change to 95% of the Bounty coming from the author was a huge move in the right direction IMO. Know you have talked about also delaying the distribution of funds to allow for the author to flag spam comments and that would be a nice addition, but not nearly as important now that the most they can take is 5%.

Honestly I don't think you can do much more for the program to make it better right now.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I agree with you my friend, of course if somebody like you can join steem-bounty it would be very much powerful....


I use steem-bounty and have since almost the first day. It's now used on @pifc's curation contest to reward people who enter the contest and only those people...I flag anyone else that tries to boost their own comment and only upvote the entries.

As for my personal posts my upvote is enough to reward those who visit these days most of the time, but still sometimes use it there too.


Thank you my friend for what you are doing for us