Which team will win today , Liverpool or Napoli ??? ( Steem-Bounty added )

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Napoli :

Today is the second weak of champion league. Eight match played yesterday and today remain 8 match. But today is the most competitive match is Napoli vs Liverpool.

Liverpool :

Napoli lost their last match by Juventus . But they are second in their league. They won all league match except Juventus. But they are really a hard team for any opposition.

Summary :

Liverpool draw their last match by chelsea. But they are also second in their league. They have a big chance in this EPL. The obviously a great opposition team for any tem.

Question :

Today we will see a great exciting match between Napoli vs Liverpool. Now the question .****

I added for a prize as bounty ... Predict your result....

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Napoli really surprised me...

Liverpool 2, Napoli 1.

May be Liverpool win the match by 1-3

Dear @roki112, thank you to join in our steem-bounty family! This topic is for me very suggestive as italian guy.
I am Juventus supporter and last saturday we won against Napoli 3-1, but this evening we will see another match.
In my opinion, Napoli will win because they play in front of their supporter and Liverpool is not very strong far from their home.
So i guess Napoli-Liverpool 3-2, because these team have in blood the power of making goal and not too much to defense....

I think liverpool will win 1:2

Napoli have had a tough time of it lately and liverpool are looking sharp in Europe im going to have to go with a Napoli 0-2 liverpool


Liverpool will struggle to win on Italy, very strong environment and Napoli is a pretty consistent team, although they might win for the bare minimum.
Score prediction: 2-2

Liverpool have a better attacking side than napoli so they are more likely to win the game. My prediction is 1:2 in favour of Liverpool. Liverpool 2: napoli 1

Napoli is strong one. i go with Napoli ;-)
Thank you.

@banjo @automation


But that was when I ruled the world.


No no, that's my point you have the possibility to be much better than anything that has existed.


napoli my friend

I'm with Napoli.
In-sha-Allah, They will win.
Thank You in avdance!

Napoli gonne be like "I must break you"
but Liverpool will jack their jaw. Come
on, you know you've seen this one B4!

May be Liverpool

I will go with .....


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Ha ha ha...Napoli won this match

Napoli won the match by ( 1-0)
I saw..

Left to me, it was a draw

Yeah, Napoli managed to get a goal in at the end.

I wonder what's up with Liverpool though. I mean, they drew against Manchester City!!

I used to think they would dominate the season. Sadly I'm having second thoughts

I was too late to predict the outcome of this game, but i was surprised to see that liverpool did not play better game.

I expected a better game from both teams. The match in Liverpool should be much better, I hope.