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How would you improve steem-bounty?

in steem-bounty •  5 months ago

I think i used it in the beginning 1 or 2 times and stopped when i noticed, that users (that i've never seen before and also didn't understood my german articles) startet to comment on my bounty posts just to get the bounty. I think they were watching the bounty report postings and "farming" all listed posts with bountys. That's why it became irrelevant for me and i thougt "what a spam magnet".

The idea behind it is great, but in my eyes it didn't work out like it was meant to work.

Maybe it could work if just one, the best comment of all comments gets the bounty. So people have to write really good comments to get the bounty and all the spam bs# doesn't get anything so they'll stop trying to catch it.

How should that work with just one "winning" comment? The comment with the most upvotes of all users who discussed (wrote an good comment under the article) gets the bounty...and self votes and the sum of votingpower shouldn't count, just the actual sum of votes. This could also prevent people from buying votes for their comment, as the possible "bought voters" also have to leave a good comment under the article so their vote can count and new and joung steemians have equal power with their vote on comments. I hope you understand what i mean, otherwise just ask and i'll try to explain it better. :)

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