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How would you improve steem-bounty?

in steem-bounty •  4 months ago

I will say same thing that I say in a lot of contest when they ask "How can we do it better?". My answer is - make it so simple as you can.
I can understand that you can use this service easy if you have been at Steemit for some time. But if I am a newebie? How easy is it to find how it works? I like services that have an own website. It is easy to find information. It is not easy to find at Steemit. My experience is that blockchain is powerful and Steemit is awesome. BUT - VERY difficullt to explain. Also the same for a lot of services at Steemit. Make it easy - and more people will join. I want to test Steembounty (I tried to understand) but give up.

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