How would you improve steem-bounty?

in steem-bounty •  6 months ago

I am interested to hear from you how you would improve the steem-bounty functionality.

If you are using it what do u like and what else would you want.

If you don't use why not and what can we do to make the service useful to you?

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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There were many good comments. What I can add is to make it a commercial product than a community one. I'd say calling steem-bounty a hybrid of Quora and Craigslist and designing everything around it would be a great plan.

I don't have any major complains about the product. A UI/UX could always be optimized and cooler looking. But functionality is there. More entrepreneurs, businesses and researchers asking more expert opinions or just outsourcing research work is exactly what I want to see. The "What is iPhone market share?" was a great bounty that I had fun answering. I'd love to see more of those.

Promote the platform for those who want to ask questions and gather opinions and keep the focus there. Maybe more social media presence would help. Reaching out existing DAPP developers is great and adding support for SMT based bounties in the future would be also amazing.

Killer Feature: Pay With Fiat or Crypto

Current Bounty System is pretty must just for steemians and what I described above is hard to pull off without fiat and non-STEEM gateway. Fiat would involve to many legal stuff so something like what is doing accompanied by an alt-account that post behalf of those who send funds in would be damn good to see.

You can charge a % fee for the convenience and you'll provide the interface for the posting and voting/virtual voting. Author's reward share can be converted and sent back to the same address. Optionally you could keep the author rewards and provide the service for free.

Good Luck!

I think it should have additional options:

  • Rewards based only in author upvote
  • Limit the number of comments that can receive the reward
  • Allow to manually assign an amount of the reward to the authors. This currently can only be done by authors that have the voting slider, requiring at least 500 Steem Power
  • Spammers black list
  • Forbid self-vote
  • Do not count upvotes by @dustsweeper

I think i used it in the beginning 1 or 2 times and stopped when i noticed, that users (that i've never seen before and also didn't understood my german articles) startet to comment on my bounty posts just to get the bounty. I think they were watching the bounty report postings and "farming" all listed posts with bountys. That's why it became irrelevant for me and i thougt "what a spam magnet".

The idea behind it is great, but in my eyes it didn't work out like it was meant to work.

Maybe it could work if just one, the best comment of all comments gets the bounty. So people have to write really good comments to get the bounty and all the spam bs# doesn't get anything so they'll stop trying to catch it.

How should that work with just one "winning" comment? The comment with the most upvotes of all users who discussed (wrote an good comment under the article) gets the bounty...and self votes and the sum of votingpower shouldn't count, just the actual sum of votes. This could also prevent people from buying votes for their comment, as the possible "bought voters" also have to leave a good comment under the article so their vote can count and new and joung steemians have equal power with their vote on comments. I hope you understand what i mean, otherwise just ask and i'll try to explain it better. :)

@Steem-Bounty is a great tool. I've used it regularly. It's a great way to encourage people to write good comments.

I uased it until users started to abuse it by self-voting, or using comment upvote bots to increase their rewards.

People also left random comments, and asked their friends to upvote it.
Such a comment can be flagged, but if you have a popular contest and loads of those 'fake' comments show up, you will use up all your VP simply by flagging them.

I think steem-bounty is great. What could be done is adding an advertisement mode where people are paid for their views, but these stats are not easy to get.
One might set up a bounty to be paid for 0.01% upvotes of the post, confirming that the reader has seen the post ... ? Probably this is to clunky though.

Anyways, I think the focus should be on promoting the existing steem-bounty system. The project lives from people engaging with it and for that to work a critical mass of users is needed. I wish you lots of success and will certainly continue using the bounties.

I use it in some of my contest and its a great tool for me. Personally I didn't like the change of reward distribution to 95 % creator and 5 % community. I felt as 80 / 20 was perfect. I would rather it changed back to 80 / 20 or just remove the community upvote reward altogether and make the bounty rewarded 100 % from the creator.

A min bounty might be a good Idea as well. Nothing too high as you want it low enough for new comers to test the service.

A option to set if self voting should be allowed or not. If they self vote when not allowed, they are automatically excluded from bounty.

The change to 95% of the Bounty coming from the author was a huge move in the right direction IMO. Know you have talked about also delaying the distribution of funds to allow for the author to flag spam comments and that would be a nice addition, but not nearly as important now that the most they can take is 5%.

Honestly I don't think you can do much more for the program to make it better right now.


I agree with you my friend, of course if somebody like you can join steem-bounty it would be very much powerful....


I use steem-bounty and have since almost the first day. It's now used on @pifc's curation contest to reward people who enter the contest and only those people...I flag anyone else that tries to boost their own comment and only upvote the entries.

As for my personal posts my upvote is enough to reward those who visit these days most of the time, but still sometimes use it there too.


Thank you my friend for what you are doing for us

Dear @knircky, in my opinion @steem-bounty just need more friends to join and what is doing our friend @jmhb85 is good for make it. I like the way which is possible to leave the system to distribute the bounty or who set up bounty can decide how much users deserve the amount of bounty, but may be someone like @nissla do not understood it. I like people comment and for me is never what a spam magnet, because people who comment are trying to give their opinion and for it is never a spam, of course better than begging to comment on the whales posts...

I think it is a great system and individuals are awarded for information and their thoughts. I was thinking maybe we have like weekly competitions that giveaway steem bounty with varies categories.

I will say same thing that I say in a lot of contest when they ask "How can we do it better?". My answer is - make it so simple as you can.
I can understand that you can use this service easy if you have been at Steemit for some time. But if I am a newebie? How easy is it to find how it works? I like services that have an own website. It is easy to find information. It is not easy to find at Steemit. My experience is that blockchain is powerful and Steemit is awesome. BUT - VERY difficullt to explain. Also the same for a lot of services at Steemit. Make it easy - and more people will join. I want to test Steembounty (I tried to understand) but give up.

I would love to see Steem-Bounty + Steemmonsters

So you could put Steemmonsters cards up as bounty :D

Steem-bounty It is useful but I've noticed that one earns more as a commentator than author of posts. Therefore I believe that the gains would improve in the distribution of rewards without depending on the author's vote since it is fair that everyone who votes and disseminates wins something in the distribution and it does not always happen. I think the only policy that the system should have is that the users vote comment and spread to be necessary to collaborate and spread and having already collaborated with the post doing that always win something

All bounty amounts should definitely be increased with a factor 10!

Can you make that happen?


Actually that is what i have been trying to do with the latest promo, to ensure bounties are above $2


lol >)
that is the best idea. Steem bounty would be really awesome


That's exactly what I thought. To bad it ain't gonna happen 😁

I have one way i know is through contest. If you can participate in many contest as possible you might be lucky and win steem-bounty.

Well, its true that it could be hard at the begenning to understand Steemit, for me steem-bounty its great, i like the implement of the website, probably a movile aplication would be great!

Also make a video explaning how to use Steem and Steem-bounty, i can help with that.

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Hi friend, recently I've been commenting on the posts that are shared, I think a very good project that seeks to encourage specialization and debate on various topics, in addition to that gives you a reward if you do a good job. I think that what you need is to promote yourself with some whales or accounts with great voting power, and thus motivate many more to join.

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I've only recently started using it and created my first bounty and I think its a project with great potential. It may be great for soliciting qualitative data and user engagement but I would like to also see a quantitative data option with the ability to create polls, surveys and even small tasks, that would be a welcomed addition in my opinion