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Hello everyone,

i think one of the best indicator of the strength of the economy in the near to medium futures is to see how many companies are going broke.

If the Gov. and Fed printing is successful these defaults should be prevented and stay below 5%. If they rise above 5% than i think this will cause other financial issues.

My problem is I don't know where to look for this data.

Do you know a good source to monitor defaults in the US, EU and globally

Thank you


This is something I like to keep an eye on for default rates on mortgages and credit cards:

This date is quarterly and is a real quick snapshot, but the data isn't live.

The fed site actually has a lot of other interesting data points to review. But it all has the same issue with being reported quarterly.

The small business survey above might be interesting for what you are looking at, it's one I watch.

I also read the fed minutes to pull more current data points.

thank you

No problem. Glad to help.

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