RE: Why I do declare! - It's 1861 in the Steem World Social Experiment and a Civil War is Unfolding

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Why I do declare! - It's 1861 in the Steem World Social Experiment and a Civil War is Unfolding

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intellihandling 4 days ago
Dear @simplymike, thank you for the bounty you set, you know after this HF20 it is so difficult for me make anything, post, comments or upvote...

simplymike 2 days ago
Would that be 'no' to the question?

intellihandling a day ago
Do you think that Steem-bounty is not post promotion service? And minnowbooster? I think is yes, of course as i can...

simplymike 14 hours ago
I already figured it out. The rules were clear: no self-votes and no voting bots. You broke one of those rules. As a result you are not entitled toreceive a reward in this @steem-bounty hunt. The only way I can make sure you don't get rewarded is by flagging your comment.
Let this be a lesson for next time.

simplymike 14 hours ago
If I can give you a tip for the future: try to answer as clear as possible. Don't add more information than is asked for, because if you do, your answer is hard to understand, and you might be taken for a bounty hunter who only hunts, and doesn't contribute.
For example, you could have just answered somdthing like: "Yes, I'm using @steem-bounty to attract more visitors to my posts."
That would have been enough. Nice and clean, with little chance there will be a misunderstanding

simplymike 14 hours ago
By the way, can you explain how your hard to understand answer manages to get 7 votes?

intellihandling 7 hours ago
Dear simplymike, first of all sorry for my english, i understood that i write in a way for you was unaderstandable.
As you can see from the imagine, i am doing day by day a fighting with my RC.
I am contributor of @Steem-bounty from the beginning and you can ask to @knircky if you do not believe it.
So i am not a bounty hunter! I am a contributor like you.
Ok i understand you rules to not self upvote, this is what i hate, but regarding other people votes is the only chance i have to grown my SP and then my RC.
It's a pity you downvote me with your 100% power, it was enough to do it with 1% to let me not get your bounty...

simplymike 4 hours ago
I'm sorry, my mistake about the 100%. I didn't notice I could bring it back to 1%. Sorry for that. Bjt you've got to deserve your upvotes from other community members.
By keeping it short and to the point, your chances on upvotes from others will grow. For now I've removed the flag, but let it be a warning for next time

intellihandling 3 hours ago
Dear @simplymike, you are an active member of steem-bounty and for that i consider you as one member of my virtual family, if i keep strong to stay in Steemit is thanks to people like you that are in this family and help to grow all of us

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